Thursday, May 26, 2011

Woofables Bakery Review

As I mentioned in a previous review, my dog is a huge lover of treats. She begs for them 100 times a day and they are pretty much her favorite thing in the world. I've never given her handmade "bakery" treats before, and I knew she would go crazy for them.

Woofables Bakery (isn't that the most adorable name ever?) sells handmade dog biscuits using natural and healthy ingredients. The company also offers dog gift baskets, gourmet dog cakes, natural chews, speciality dog treats, and bulk dog biscuits. I knew this was right up my alley. I wanted to give my dog delicious (in her opinion!) treats that were not full of anything artificial and bad for her.

I was sent quite an assortment of treats for Colby. She received a large decorated bone that said Happy Birthday (I will be saving this for her 13th birthday in July), some various decorated treats such as a tiny piece of pizza, puptarts (a cute spin on a pop tart), smiley face and peace sign treats, small dog bones, and even a cute squirrel! The treats are hand-decorated with care and they look amazing.

The box arrived a few days ago and it was jam packed with delicious goodies for my Colby. I opened the box and let her sniff inside of it and I told her all of this is for you! Her tail wagged like crazy and I knew she would love all of the treats. I've only given her two treats so far because she is on a special controlled diet and I don't want her to gain too much weight.

The first treat I gave her was the slice of pizza. Isn't this so adorable? I love how it has "pepperoni and green peppers" on it. So cute!! She happily gobbled it up and licked her lips for more. I can tell when she doesn't like a treat, she will sniff at it or just leave it on the floor and walk away. When she really loves a treat it doesn't last a second before it feels the wrath of her stomach.

The puptart was the next treat that I gave her. I really liked how all of the treats I was sent were the perfect size for her, because she is a small dog. The puptart was small and decorated with multi-colored sprinkles, although I am not sure what the sprinkle substitute really is. She took a large bite out of it, looked at me to make sure it was okay and then happily ate the rest. She wagged her tail after it so I knew she must have enjoyed it.

I know Colby will enjoy the rest of the treats when I give them to her. I can't wait to give her some of the Happy Birthday bone for her birthday in July. She'll go crazy for it I recommend that you order your furry friend some treats from Woofables Bakery, your pet will be in treat heaven!

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