Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Timex Review

I've been wearing watches more as of lately. I have been wanting a really stylish watch that could switch between night and day well. Timex came to my rescue with the perfect watch!

Timex is a watch company which offers many different styles and colors of watches for men, women and children. They are the mecca of watches. The watches are made well and are of great quality. Whether you're looking for a simple everyday watch or a bejeweled crystal watch, they have you covered and more.

I was sent a gorgeous watch called the Timex Dress Crystals Watch.

The jewelry inspired Timex Dress Crystals features genuine Swarovski crystals and offers a gorgeous blend of grace and fluidity. These timepieces are the perfect accessory for every outfit, from evening gowns to jeans. Why not indulge in some everyday luxury?

This watch features:

o 52 Genuine Swarovski Crystals

o Stainless Steel Case

o Genuine Leather Strap

o Mineral Glass Crystal

o Polished Finish

I absolutely love this watch. It's so beautiful. The band is a beige color which is perfect because it's neutral and goes with everything. There are large silver shiny crystals around the face of the watch. I also love that the watch is big, because I love large jewelry much more than petite, dainty jewelry. I love the gold detail inside the watch, it is a bright gold and it pairs so well with the beige and the crystal. The time is easy to read too as the numbers are large. I think this watch is very elegant. It's casual enough for work but is dressy enough for going out to dinner or a fun party too. The watch fits well and is secure on my wrist. It ticks well and keeps me in check of what time it is perfectly. I couldn't be happier with my new Timex watch!

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  1. Wow! That is a beautiful watch. I always choose toxemia watches, although never anything as pretty as that one. I always feel I can count on timed to be both affordable and reliable. Thanks for the great review.