Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Skinny Cow Candy Review

What's better than low fat, low calorie ice cream you ask? Well low calorie and low fat candy of course! The makers of the popular Skinny Cow ice cream have now come out with Skinny Cow candy. You can have delicious candy that is guilt free but still big on taste. So go ahead, indulge.

Since 1994, The Skinny Cow, brand has made mouth-watering ice cream snacks for health-conscious dessert lovers who know that looking good and staying healthy doesn’t mean a life without indulgence. THE SKINNY COW™ brand offers a variety of decadent low fat and no sugar added frozen snacks, including seven flavors of ice cream sandwiches, three ice cream cones, and seven ice cream bars. Unlike other “better for you” ice cream alternatives, THE SKINNY COW™ frozen snacks don’t skimp on flavor options and turn low fat ice cream skeptics into avid enthusiasts.

The Skinny Cow brand has branched out and created a new delicious line of candy. I was very excited to find this out because I love the ice cream. I couldn't wait to try the candy. I knew it would be nothing short of excellent.

I was sent several varieties of the Skinny Cow candy to try. I received two kinds of candy bars, peanut butter and milk chocolate heavenly crisp. Milk and dark chocolate dream clusters were also included too. Mmm, yum!

The milk chocolate bar features delicate wafers layered with fantastic milk chocolate creme. The peanut butter is the same except it's layered with peanut butter creme. Both bars are 110 calories per bar. I love that I can indulge in a delicious treat and not feel guilty about it. The milk chocolate bar is a decent size for 110 calories. The initial bite of the bar is just perfect. The chocolate is rich, smooth, and very sweet. The crunch of the bar is extremely satisfying and is my favorite part of the candy. Overall it was excellent.

The peanut butter bar was my favorite by far. There's something so delicious about peanut butter and chocolate when combined together. It's such a fabulous pairing that I can't get enough of! The peanut butter was very creamy and smooth. The first initial bite I took, it was like the 4th of July in my mouth and fireworks went off! It was extremely delicious and I loved the creamy peanut butter mixed with the sweet chocolate. It was definitely a small piece of heaven disguised in a wrapper! Just like the milk chocolate bar, it had a nice crunch too. I couldn't believe this fantastic treat had so little calories but packed such a big taste!

The clusters are crunchy crisps and creamy caramel drenched in milk and dark chocolate. Doesn't this sound just sinfully delicious? The entire pack is 120 calories, which really isn't too bad. These will not wreck your diet at all. I preferred the milk chocolate more over the dark. Sometimes I really love dark chocolate and other times I can do without it. When you initially bite into the cluster, your taste buds are instantly met with a delicious confectionary treat. The milk chocolate is sweet and truly delicious. The caramel inside is thick, but not too thick. It blankets the inside of the chocolate and gives you the perfect balance of crunchy chocolate and sweet caramel for an overall outrageously yummy treat.

Skinny Cow candy definitely curbs your sweet tooth and satisfies your need for a chocolate fix. When I ate these treats I didn't feel like I was missing anything. Sure I could have a normal candy bar with twice the calorie and fat content and later on pay the price of feeling guilty, but not with these candies! I didn't feel like I was sacrificing taste at all. Both of these bars and clusters would be great to be packed into a school or work lunch, or equally as perfect for a pick me up treat during the day too. Try some Skinny Cow candy today, they will send you over the moon! :)

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