Thursday, May 5, 2011

Alexia Review

Comfort foods provide you with a warm sense of life and happiness. Foods on this level are best shared with a group of friends over great conversation and lots of laughs. Alexia's products definitely fit this category well.

Alexia offers all natural foods, trans fat free foods, organic foods, flavorful appetizers and premium artisan blends of items. Once you try Alexia, you will be hooked! The foods are rich and full of flavor and certainly not lacking on delicious taste.

I've had the fabulous pleasure of trying Alexia foods before and each time is nothing short of excellent.

I was sent four assorted packages of Alexia foods to review. I received seasoned waffle fries, potato bites, panko breaded onion rings, and ciabatta artisan rolls.

My boyfriend helped to review all of this wonderful food, and he was happy to take on the job of taste-tester!

My boyfriend thought the waffle fries were awesome! They were perfectly crispy on the outside but warm and fluffy on the inside. The fries were very fresh and had a great fried flavor. They were seasoned just right, with the perfect amount of saltiness. He felt that waffles fries just have a better texture than regular fries and he loves the dense potato taste that comes with them.

My boyfriend had a ciabatta Italian roll paired with a salad and he said it was a great combination together. The rolls tasted freshly baked, he was sure that I had bought them that day! The little square-shaped pieces of heaven were fabulous. The rolls had such a great flavor of olive oil and rosemary that made them extra delicious. The flavor was subtle but still noticable, and did not impact the taste of the bread. The bread was chewy on the outside but very soft and fluffy inside. The bread was warm and very comforting and just simply excellent. These rolls would be awesome paired with an Italian dinner. This is definitely the best ciabatta bread he's had in a while, he says!

My boyfriend is a huge fan of onions in general, so he was thrilled to be able to sample the panko breaded onion rings. Each onion ring was a decent size. The taste of the fresh onion combined with the crunchy panko coating was out of this world. The crunch was very satisying and delicious. There was a light layer of sea salt on the rings which gave the snack an overall great flavor. The onion rings were very fresh and tasted like restaurant quality onion rings.

My boyfriend said he's never had anything like these before, so he was interested in trying something new. These potato bites feature russet potatoes with a 3 cheese flavor inside. He said he didn't really love the combination of the potato with the cheese and would have preferred just the potatoes. He did like the crunchy outside of the potato bite though. The cheese flavor was very prevalent though. I know lots of people who would enjoy these though.

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