Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sargento Review

Cheese is something that I really love. String cheese, cheese on sandwiches, or even cheese flavored snacks can't do wrong in my book! Although cheesecake is not so much on my agenda anymore.

Sargento is the leading national packager and marketer of shredded, snack and specialty cheeses sold under the Sargento brand, cheese and non-cheese snack food items and ethnic sauces.

When I think of cheese, Sargento comes to mind. They create fantastic and quality cheese products that are rich with flavor and texture. Their commercials are memorable and that catch phrase of "Persnickey People, Exceptional Cheese" easily gets stuck in one's head. Sargento is a company built on trust and fabulous cheese products.

I was sent free product coupons from Sargento for review purposes. Did I want cheese sticks, mozzarella cheese, muenster cheese, provolone, or swiss? It was a hard toss-up because all the flavors are great.

I settled on a package of reduced fat provolone cheese.

I love Sargento cheese. I've been buying it for years and I just love the taste of it. It's fresh, made with dedication, and is just overall a great cheese. The taste of the provolone is sharp and rich and truly delicious. I love that I can have all of the great flavor of the cheese, with less fat! Provolone is my favorite cheese, the taste is like no other. It's great for melting for grilled cheese, putting on a nice turkey sandwich, or just eating straight out of the package (which I am guilty of!) It's a versatile cheese that goes with so much.


  1. excited to follow your blog. follow back!

  2. excited to follow your blog. follow back :)