Friday, March 18, 2011

Nutella Party Post

I'm a huge fan of Nutella. I've been enjoying it for years and it's such a versatile spread that pairs well with practically anything it is spread on.

I was recently chosen to a host a Nutella party complete with goodie bags, a gigantic jar of Nutella, and recipe cards of course. Who doesn't love Nutella? If you're not aware of it's magnificient existence, it's a fabulous chocolate hazelnut spread good on just about anything!

I had guests over to share the fun with. I took pictures of the event but somehow my camera died in the middle of the party and my pictures are not on my camera :(

I came up with a great idea to make fabulous grilled flatbread and spread a layer of nutella on it and then paired it with bananas and strawberries. I did not participate because of my diet, but I had a great time with my friends and they enjoyed the food. Great conversation and great food was in abundance.

My guests loved the goodie bags with the nutella samples, the Nutella thermoses, the coupons, the Nutella spreaders, and the recipe cards. They wanted to go home and make their own Nutella creations.

*Thanks to Nutella, Mom Select and MommyParties for providing me with complimentary bags with samples and products to pass out at my party.

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