Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bunny Slippers Review

My feet often get cold, it's the worst part about the cold months of the year. Either my feet or freezing cold, or they get hot instantly when I put on socks. I can't win! When I do want to slip something on my feet, I often go for a cozy pair of slippers though that are easy to take off when my feet get hot. Who doesn't love a cute pair of slippers to keep their feet warm?

Bunny Slippers is your source for all things bunny and bunny-slipper related! In addition to their selection of bunny slippers, they offer a growing variety of animal slippers, novelty slippers, stuffed animals, socks and other unique gifts. They're always adding new products to their site, so check back often!

Bunny Slippers? Check! Black bear paw slippers? Yup! Green turtle slippers or Ladybug slippers? Yes! They have those too. This company offers virtually every animal slipper-fied that you could ever possibly want to see featured.

I was sent a pair of dalmatian slippers!

These slippers are so funny. They are very realistic and have the perfect attributes of a dalmatian dog! The slippers fit me well and are very soft and comfortable. The fur of the dog is very soft too. I love walking around my house with these when I'm just lounging around. I like that they have an open back and slip on and off easily whenever I don't want to wear them, instead of having to deal with taking socks on and off. The only thing I don't like is that the inside is white, because they will get dirty easily. These will be great to wear until there's more spring like weather in New York!

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  1. Oh my goodness, those are so cute!! I used to have a pair of penguin ones, but my dog ate them when he was a puppy. Apparently penguins are his nemeses. How was I to know? Now that he's past the "destroy all fuzzy things" phase, I should pick up a new pair.