Monday, February 14, 2011

Baskin Robbins Valentine's Day Review

Valentine's Day is not complete without something sweet and tasty. Baskin Robbins does a great job of providing its consumers with great Valentine's Day cakes, shakes, ice cream, and sundaes. Why not do something sweet for your Valentine?

Two cakes were introduced for Valentine's Day.

Sweetheart Ice Cream Cake
A sweet and simple way to say “I love you,” the Sweetheart cake is ¼-round and dotted with adorable mini red icing hearts, a red chocolate heart and a single red rose. Serves up to 8. $12.99.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Ice Cream Cake
Made with layers of Very Berry Strawberry and Chocolate ice cream, the 6-inch fully decorated round is frosted with rich chocolate-flavored whipped topping, topped with a strawberry glaze and features a customized love note. Serves up to 8. $19.99.

My local Baskin Robbins was all out of Valentine's Day themed cakes, so I chose a Double Chocolate Indulgence Cake that was still delicious even though it wasn't red and heart shaped. I was sent a gift card to try out a cake for review purposes.

Doesn't this just look heavenly? The cake is beautiful! This cake has layers of chocolate ice cream and devil's food cake covered in chocolate frosting. Topped with fudge rosettes, caramel drizzle and European chocolates, it's a chocolate-lover's dream.

I loved this cake. It's small and compact and fits in my small freezer well. It served 6-8 so my boyfriend and I will have leftovers for awhile. The devil's food cake was moist and delicious and went well with the creamy ice cream. The chocolate frosting was sweet and amazing. The fudge rosettes were full of great chocolate flavor. The caramel drizzle and European chocolates topped off the whole cake and made it fantastic in a big way. I highly recommend this cake for your next party or social gathering.

Thanks to Baskin Robbins for making my Valentine's Day deliciously yummy!

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