Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hem Gems Review

I'm only 5'0, so it's hard for me to buy pants that aren't too long. Sometimes I get lucky in the mall and find pants marked my size with a S, for short which means that they will be the exact length I need them to be. Othertimes, I don't get so lucky and I have to pay to have my pants hemmed.

Hem Gems have come to my rescue and saved me money on my cleaners bill. This handy fashion accessory allows you to temporarily adjust the length of your jean hem without sewing. You can even keep and show your original hem.

I was sent a pack of 8 gold pyramid studs.

Check out this great informational video that shows how to use Hem Gems.

Hem Gems are really great and they are truly a gem! They are easy to apply to my jeans and stay on securely. You can use them to accessorize too. If you're wearing black, you can use gold or silver Hem Gems. I do hope to see more colors and styles of Hem Gems in the near future. It would be fun to change up the Hem Gems depending on what you're wearing. These handy little gems let you cuff and tuck your jeans in any way you desire. Never again will I have to worry about the length of my pants being too long. I can wear any type of shoes with no problems or concerns! This truly makes my life easier and saves me money.

It's really easy to use Hem Gems:
1.Fold your hem up so your jeans are at the desired length.

2.Clutch the seam and tuck the cuff up and inside your pant leg, so just the original hem is showing.

3.Apply Hem Gems to the front, back and either side of your pant leg, above the original hem.

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