Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fresh Direct Review

I recently had the pleasure of trying Fresh Direct's delicious food. I enjoyed it so much, I asked if I could do another review. To my delight, I was told yes :)

Fresh Direct is an online grocer that delivers to residences and offices in the New York City metropolitan area. FreshDirect also offers next-day delivery to most of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau County, Westchester County, Fairfield County, Hoboken, New Jersey and Jersey City, New Jersey. The company was founded by Joe Fedele and Jason Ackerman, a former investment banker who specialized in the grocery industry. FreshDirect custom-prepares groceries and meals for its customers, a manufacturing practice called Just In Time that reduces waste and improves quality and freshness.

Fresh Direct rang my doorbell bright and early this morning and delivered me an extremely generous amount of amazing looking food! I had no prior knowledge of what was being delivered, so I was excited to unpack the boxes and see everything I received! I apologize for all of the stock photos. I should have taken a picture of all of the food together, but it was a miracle that I got everything in my tiny freezer and fridge! I didn't want to take all the food back out again for the picture. I was also very delighted with the amount of chocolate items I was sent. Below is a list of everything that I received.

Parbaked black olive loaf.
An irresistible bread — flavored with fruity olive oil, dotted throughout with deep black and purple Kalamata olives. This loaf boasts a beautifully crunchy crust. Just bake briefly, and this bread will emerge from your oven warm and fragrant.

Banana chocolate chip pound cake
The rich taste of ripe bananas, a hint of vanilla, and rich chocolate chips! This moist pound cake has the delicate texture of banana bread with the added sweet deliciousness of chocolate.

Chocolate souffles
You love a rich chocolate soufflé, but who has the time to put one together? We make it simple. Just heat your oven and pop in these individual soufflés. In mere minutes, you'll look like a kitchen pro, thanks to these airy, decadent desserts made with deep, dark, high-quality Belgian chocolate. Impressive and delicious, with no fuss and no mess — and as a bonus, you get to keep the attractive ceramic heat-and-serve ramekins.

Chocolate croissants
Layer upon layer of the most tender, buttery pastry reveals a hidden core of rich dark chocolate. This fresh-from-the-oven, handheld breakfast treat will delight children and grownups alike. But don't just save them for the morning — our chocolate croissants make a perfect evening snack with a cup of warm cocoa.

Macaroni and cheese with Berkshire bacon
There are few dishes more beloved than classic Mac & Cheese. We take this classic comfort food down a decidedly grown-up path with our rich Gruyere cheese sauce, bits of smoky Berkshire bacon (from heritage-breed pigs), sweetly roasted tomatoes and cubes of tender butternut squash. Whether you serve it as a side dish or eat as an entrée unto itself, this is a dish that's guaranteed to please from the first bite to the last.

Parbaked French baguette
Chewy, airy bread with a crisp, golden-brown crust. Just bake briefly, and this classic French baguette will emerge from your oven warm and fragrant

Bay scallop and vegetable risotto
Tender, sweet bay scallops nestle alongside a garden's worth of vibrant vegetables. You'll taste fire-roasted corn, rich asparagus, earthy fava beans, nutty Romanesco cauliflower, basil, rosemary and a creamy Italian risotto rice accented with crème fraîche, parmesan cheese and vermouth

Grilled shrimp and asparagus with tomato caper salsa
This succulent seaside entrée draws from the light, bright flavors of Mexico's tropical coast. Rosa Mexicano's Veracruz-style tomato sauce — accented with a sprinkle of briny capers — covers a mixture of big, juicy shrimp, pattypan squash and rich grilled asparagus served over herbed rice.

Tikka masala with pea pilaf
Spicy, earthy and creamy all at the same time, it's no wonder chicken tikka masala is among the world's most popular dishes. Chef Cardoz's New Indian version takes takeout tikkas to a whole new level with this sumptuous bursting with bright, zesty flavor. Juicy chicken thighs are steeped in a richly spiced yogurt marinade, seared, combined with caramelized onions and ladled with a smoky tomato cream sauce. Atop a basmati and green pea pilaf, this entrée is succulent

Black olive char marked salmon with Saffron rice
A little tangy kalamata olive dressing gives a big boost of flavor to rich, meaty char-marked salmon. Paired with tender haricot verts (slender green beans) for a tender-crisp accent and piled atop our simple, yet sophisticated, saffron rice pilaf, this is a Mediterranean taste medley.

Parmesean meatballs with mezzi rigatoni and basil

Moist, tender and full of rich, meaty flavor, these are meatballs worthy of Nonna's approval. After much tasty experimentation, our chefs decided on a delicious blend of beef and pork with loads of grated parmesan.

Grilled thin crust supreme pizza with sausage, pepperoni, and veggies. (Received 2)
Supreme indeed! Our crispy grilled semolina crust is layered with tangy-sweet tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, slices of salty-spicy pepperoni and sweet Italian pork sausage. Sweet green bell pepper, red onion and tangy kalamata olives are scattered on top to complete this fantastic, supremely delicious pie.

Southern Style BBQ Brisket
Need a little southern comfort? We have the dish for you: we slather bold, spicy barbecue sauce across our chef's slow-cooked brisket, then we pack it with molasses-kissed baked beans, tender kale greens with savory Berkshire bacon bites and a soft hunk of cheddar and jalapeño cornbread.

I was blown away by the amount of food I received. I am so very grateful for it too! I had half of a chocolate croissant for breakfast and it was wonderful. Rich, buttery and flakey dough filled with warm chocolate chips was the perfect start to my day. I had the Mezzi rigatoni for dinner tonight and it was delicious. It had just the perfect amount of cheese and I loved the touch of basil too. The pasta was al dente, the meatballs hearty and flavorful, and the flavor of the marinara sauce was excellent.

My boyfriend had the BBQ beef brisket (as he had in the last Fresh Direct review) and loved it just as much as the first time! The parbaked french baguette would be perfect sliced open and brushed with olive oil, butter and garlic, for a delicious Italian night. Serve the bread with a fabulous pasta and you've got a great meal. I had a bite of the banana chocolate chip pound cake and absolutely loved it! The hint of banana paired with the sweet crunch of the chocolate chips makes the perfect ending to my meal. The cake was moist and extremely flavorful. All of the food looks excellent and I can't wait to try it all over the next few weeks. Thank you very much Fresh Direct. You've made me a happy customer.


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  2. Too bad they don't deliver to Sullivan County, upstate NY. Their food looks so good and sounds so delicious in your review. I left NYC years ago and love the country, but miss conveniences like this one. :-(

  3. Nice review and wonderful assortment that Fresh Direct sent to you.
    What a blessing.
    Which I lived NYC.

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