Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cricket Review

I try to take care of my hair as best as possible, but sometimes all of the brushing and straightening and curling and blow drying really takes a toll on your hair. Why not give your hair some TLC after all of the weekly damage you do to it?

Cricket produces a fabulous hairbrush called the "Cricket Friction Free Paddle Brush." This actually came in the mail at the perfect time because I can't find my regular hairbrush, I've had to use a travel sized hair brush for the past few days! It does the job, but it's annoying.

Information about the brush:
Ergonomic designed handle
Made from a blend of polymers which reduces friction caused by brushing, combing and styling
Reduces damage to hair while creating a smooth finish and shine
Ion infused tourmaline bristles help
Bristles are ion infused with tourmaline to lock moisture into the hair, reducing static electricity and creating shine
Ceramic coated thermal barrel holds heat better and reduces drying time

I like the look of the brush, it is simple and clean, yet modern at the same time. The wide paddle design is easy to hold too. The brush glides through my hair easily. My winter jacket has a large furry hood on it that is like a magnet of static electricity to my hair. When I came home from work my hair was all sorts of static electricity crazy. I brushed my hair with the brush and it really took the static right out of it! I was impressed and it was a lot more managable after brushing it. I will turn to this brush for any future styling I might have, especially with a blow dryer. I know my hair will look great with it!

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