Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scunci Review

I like to wear my hair up pretty often. It's just easier sometimes, especially if your hair isn't looking so great that day! Somehow I always seem to lose the hair ties and I constantly have to buy more packs. I think the missing hair ties go to the same place where that always missing one sock goes!

Scunci (pronounced skuncee) was built on entrepreneurial spirit powered by innovative thinking. Long respected as the leader in fashion hair accessories, sc√ľnci® operated as a privately held company until its acquisition in March of 2005 by Conair Corporation, a worldwide leader in professional and consumer hair appliances.

Scunci offers hair brushes and hair accessories guaranteed to keep your hair looking great and stylish.

I was sent a gorgeous black beaded hair clip and a pack of no slip grip hair ties.

I immediately put my hair up with the hair clip. You can create really pretty updo's with this clip and it's extremely easy to use. I love the pretty design of the clip and it's perfect for a day at the office, or wearing it in your hair to a wedding. I love that it's so versatile. The clip is secure and stays in my hair well. It does not move or need readjusting like some other clips I've had in the past.

The no slip grip hair ties are fantastic. They are extremely secure and stay in my hair very well. I really don't like hair ties that are very loose and don't hold well in your hair. I like that the ties come in black, because I have many black pieces in my wardrobe. Thanks to Scunci my hair will always be looking great! :)

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