Thursday, December 16, 2010

Musselman's Review

Apple sauce is a very healthy snack. Most think that it's targeted for kids, but really any age can enjoy a nice cup of apple sauce. I recently learned that you can substitute apple sauce instead of vegetable oil in baking for a healthier approach.

Musselman's is known for their delicious apple products. Apple cider, apple juice, apple butter and apple sauce are what they create best. Their products are made with love, dedication, and customer satisfication in mind.

I was sent a 48 oz jar of apple sauce and a great cookbook called "Substitute Yourself Skinny" by Chef Susan Irby. The cookbook is geared towards making simple subsitutions in food that cut the calories, but keep all of the flavor of the food.

The jar of apple sauce is huge! It will take me a long time to finish it. What I first noticed is that the apple sauce is natural, unsweetened, and doesn't have any added sugar to it. I've never seen or tasted unsweetened apple sauce so I knew this would be different. I had a small bowl of it and I immediately noticed the lack of sweetness in the sauce. Even though we all have a sweet tooth from time to time, it's good to have a break from the sugar overload every now and again. The apple sauce was very creamy and you could taste the grains of the apple in it. It has a very mild apple flavor, nothing too overpowering. This would be a great, healthy dessert to have with some fresh fruit.

I also received a very helpful chart on how to substitute apple sauce instead of vegetable oil for baking. It told me the different measurements for substitution for muffins, breads, cakes, brownies, etc. I stuck it on my fridge and I will without a doubt be using the apple sauce instead of vegetable oil the next time I bake. I try to cut calories wherever I can and this will great to have!

The cookbook is awesome, I really love it. It contains 175 super-slimming recipes that are short on calories, but big on taste. It has little tips and secrets on ingredient substiutions. The book is all about enjoying your favorite foods but adding low-cal and low-fat ingredients to make it a little bit healthier. I was flipping through it and it looks truly wonderful. I definitely can see myself making some recipes from it. Who doesn't want to eat whatever they love but in a healthier way?

*Product provided by Musselman's at no cost. Review was solely my own.

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