Saturday, December 18, 2010 Review

I love funny t-shirts. I think it's good to make people laugh from time to time. I also enjoy wearing the t-shirts to sleep or work out in.

About Crocktees: Welcome to Crocktees, a strong member of the t-shirt world since 2009. That's right, we are brand spanking new! After creating logos, t-shirts, and design documents for a number of years we have finally decided to hit the big time and start a full website. Our t-shirts are inspired by anything and everything around the world from humor, pop, and just some things you don't see everyday. But hey now, nobody's perfect right? So if you don't see a shirt you like or just want to share your idea with the world we can help. We would love to build a community and we want you to be a part of it.

Crocktees has a shirt for everyone. I also like that you can submit your t-shirt ideas for the company's consideration.

I was sent this t-shirt:

When I saw it I immediately wanted to review it. I thought it was funny and silly. The t-shirt fits me well and I wear it to work out in. I like the color of it too. People who saw it thought it was cute. I would definitely buy from Crocktees again.

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