Saturday, November 20, 2010

Paula Deen Review

I'm a big fan of Paula Deen. I love to watch her crazy cooking that involves 140 sticks of butter and 75 cups of sugar. She's so entertaining to watch and her food always looks so delicious!

Paula Deen is a cook on the Food Network, along with owning a restaurant in Savannah Georgia. She has a line of bakeware and cookware and kitchen appliances, and also is an author of many cookbooks.

I was sent a set of 4 red Paula Deen branded mixing bowls. Here's a picture of what the bowls look like.

I really like these bowls. I'm always using mixing bowls for cooking, whether I'm mixing ingredients for a cake, mixing together spices and seasonings for chicken or porkchops, or just needing an extra bowl to put ingredients in while I cook. Mixing bowls always come in handy and I love that these are so stylish! I have some red appliances in my kitchen, so these beautiful red bowls give my kitchen that extra pop of color. I made cake in these bowls and the cake turned out great!

The bowls are extremely durable and made well. They are sturdy and can handle some tough mixing, which is great! I love that the bowls stack into each other too which makes for easy storing. I know that I will be using these bowls for any of my future mixing needs. Hopefully soon I can be sending love and best dishes from my kitchen just like Paula does!

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  1. I have a red Paula Deen 15 quart pot and LOVE it! I am thinking about having red as my new kitchen accessories color. I like those bowls :)