Thursday, November 4, 2010

Musselman's Review

Fall brings cooler temperatures, those yummy seasonal treats that we always look forward to, and the sense of family and togetherness.

Musselman's is known for their delicious apple products. Apple cider, apple juice, apple butter and applesauce are what they make best. This company is your go-to when you are looking for a quality apple product. Their products do not disappoint.

I was sent a large jug of fabulous apple cider and apple butter. I've had apple butter before and I just absolutely love it. These two products scream fall to me. I was also sent a recipe card to make a heavenly sounding warm apple cider. Yum, I will have to make myself some very soon.

I chose to drink the apple cider cold. I let it sit in the fridge for a while to get cold, then I had a glass. It was fantastic. It tastes like apple juice, but better. It is a little bit sweeter and has a bite to it. The spices kick the juice up a notch and give it that extra zing. It's thicker than apple juice too. It really is a refreshing drink that is sure to quench your thirst.

I absolutely loved the apple butter. It's such a versatile spread too. You could slather it on a bagel, spread it on a cracker or a piece of toast, or just enjoy it on an english muffin too. I chose to have it on a piece of bread and it was simply wonderful. I spread it on pretty thinly and it had just a hint of sweetness to it, but the taste of cinnamon was very prominent. The cinnamon combined with the apples was magical, and these two flavors compliment each other well. Since this jar is so large, it will last me through the winter and beyond!

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