Friday, November 19, 2010

Melt Review

I love having toast with butter or margerine or even buttering a piece of bread, but butter isn't very healthy for you. I like to think that everything is okay in moderation though. I would say I use margarine 95% of the time, but do use butter for baking. It's nice to have a healthy alternative to a unhealthy product though.

Melt Buttery Spread, is an all-natural, rich, creamy butter alternative whose primary ingredients—virgin organic coconut oil and flaxseed oil—have been scientifically shown to promote healthy weight by boosting metabolism.

Compare this to butter, margarine and virtually all other butter substitutes that contain hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils and are linked to obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other deadly illnesses.

Created by a woman desperate to augment a restricted diet while fighting numerous digestive disorders, Melt delivers the sweet indulgence of real cream butter—without all of butter's drawbacks:

•Promotes healthy weight: Contains ingredients shown in studies to boost metabolism naturally.
•Real butter flavor: So rich and satisfying, your whole family will love it.
•All natural: 70% organic, 100% non-GMO ingredients. Kosher certified.
•Healthier: Absolutely no hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. No artificial ingredients.
•Bakes and cooks like butter: Adds great flavor and doesn't separate like margarines and other substitutes.
•Spreads easily: Just like whipped sweet cream butter.

(Taken from website.)

This product is fabulous. You can have the taste and consistency of butter, but without all of the fat and calories and unnatural additives and ingredients. How can you get any better than that? When I first opened the tub, I was a little taken aback because the color of the spread was white. I was expecting a yellow or pale yellow color. I spread some on a warm piece of toast and let it soak. I took a bite and it was really delicious. It has a buttery flavor but it is subtle, certainly not over the top at all. It is creamy too. I can appreciate this spread because it is health conscious and helps you maintain a healthy weight, and of course is organic too which is important. The spread was easy to spread and it is also great because you can cook and bake with this just like normal butter or margarine.

This spread would be great on bagels, rolls, toast, and spread on bread for grilled cheese. Substitute this spread for butter or margarine on your next piece of toast or in your mixer for mixing up ingredients for a cake. Trust me, you'll thank me!

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