Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jack Link's Review

My boyfriend is a huge fan of meat whether it's dried, sliced, baked, fried, etc. He does not discriminate against it and will thoroughly enjoy any kind of meat served his way.

Jack Links, is a company which offers many different kinds of beef jerky. There is a flavor that is sure to please everyone.

I contacted Jack Links because I knew he would enjoy sampling some of their products. I was sent one big bag of peppered beef steak nuggets, and 2 smaller sized bags of the same.

My boyfriend couldn't wait to dig in! He said that the nuggets were a great brownish-black color and smelled very rustic and outdoors-y. It would be a great snack to take hiking or camping, or just on the go. The nuggets were not greasy at all, but some of the pepper does come off when you eat them. Upon first bite, he said that the meat was soft and slightly chewy and very easy to bite into. The nugget was not hard to chew at all and was absolutely delicious. The great combination of pepper and steak was prominent, but neither flavor was overpowering of each other. The nuggets are a little spicy, and have a small kick to them. Overall, he really enjoyed the nuggets and thought they were great! This flavor probably isn't good for someone who doesn't like spicy though.

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