Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Crystallized Flower Company Review

I get very jealous whenever I watch shows on the Food Network like Ace of Cakes, Cupcake Wars, Chopped, and even other network shows like Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss. Why do I get jealous you ask? These chefs and cooks and pastry artists make gorgeous looking cakes with amazing detail and accessory. I always wish that I could do rosettes as perfect as theirs or even decorate with crystallized sugar.

Well, it's my turn to shine now in the cake decorating world! Crystallized Flower Company, has taken garnishes and pastry decorations to new heights. Desserts are made magical with crystallized blooms! Naturally grown, edible flowers are preserved in a recipe of sugar and meringue; essentially freezing them in time. We've been told "our flowers rock"! We believe they will leave you breathless with their perfection. Our crystallization process allows us to produce hundreds of non-perishable blooms per day; with each sweet petal having a shelf-life of one year when stored properly. We presently offer the largest selection and variety of flowers around; including: pansies, violas, snapdragons, lavender, miniature roses, mint leaves, calendula daisies, borage flowers and day lilies. The colors just keep coming on! (Taken from website.)

These flowers are just gorgeous and certainly a work of art. You have to have some major talent to create these. I was sent an assortment of beautiful flowers. See a picture here:

Aren't these just practically too pretty to eat? I contemplated what to bake to put them on when I thought that they would look great in a mini cake from a ramekin. I made two chocolate cakes (one small and one little, because I had some batter left over) and put these little beauties on the cake.

I love the way the flowers look on the cakes. (Sorry for the bad pictures, my camera is not the best lately.) Not only are the flowers nice to look at, they taste really good too! Sweet, but not too overly sweet. These are very very delicate and dainty and if you hold them the wrong way they will break, it is sugar after all. These flowers would be great for cookies, cakes, pie, brownies, ice cream, and anything other sweet treat you can think of. These would be a great gift for an aspiring chef or cook in your family and would look great on a wedding cake too!

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