Saturday, November 13, 2010

Acqua Essentials Review

I try to take care of my skin as best as possible. I wash it daily, exfoliate and moisturize as much as I can too. Sometimes you need a great face mask to help cleanse your skin extremely well and make it look the best it can.

Acqua Essentials, is a company who is proud to provide its customers with some of the most sought after and exclusive beauty and skin care spa products found anywhere in the world. These natural and thermal water based products are of the highest quality and manufacturing standards. Everyone at is dedicated to providing you with great customer care along with our ultimate goal of complete customer satisfaction.

This company offers products dedicated to eyes, body, aging, face, men, cellulite and more. The products are of great quality and provide fantastic results.

I've never done a mud mask before and I know that they are great for your skin and cleanse it well. I contacted Acqua Essentials and they sent me a 10 oz jar of Caviahue Thermal Mud Mask. It comes with a sponge that helps you to wash the mask off your face.

This is what the mud looks like, a little intimidating I know!

Diminish the signs of aging now! Caviahue Thermal Mud is one of the most unique skin care products and deep cleansing facial masks in the world. One of its main ingredients is the thermal waters that flow from the inside of a volcano and are charged with the right minerals and oxygenated properties that purify the skin, leaving it smoother, softer and beautiful. You will feel a natural lifting of your facial and neck skin when you use the thermal mud regularly and as instructed.

•Helps diminish the signs of aging
•Deeply cleans and purifies
•Unclogs pores and allows your skin to breathe
•Provides the balanced blend of minerals from Caviahue thermal water and Caviahue volcanic clay
•Leaves the skin smoother, softer and absolutely beautiful
(All taken from website description)

I used this mask tonight and I really like it. It can be a little shocking at first seeing that you are actually putting mud on your face and it's such a dark color, but this product is very unique. It's very cool that this product comes from the inside of a volcano! I guess I'm lucky that my skin isn't on fire! (ha ha).

I used my fingers to apply the mask to my face. It goes on pretty thickly but just smooth it out along your cheeks, chin area, and forehead and it's much more managable. It stays on for about 10-15 minutes while it dries and hardens and then you wash it off with the provided sponge. The mask dries and hardens very quickly and it can be a little itchy before you wash it off. That's normal to me though, every face mask that I've ever used has been a little itchy when it hardens.

I like that when you use the sponge to wash off the mask that the sponge doesn't get stained and dirty from the mud. It rinses completely clean which is nice. It would be kind of nasty if it was stained dark from the mud. After washing off the mask my skin looked great. It was extremely clean and very bright, and it was soft too. I know that if I use this mask 1-2 times a week my skin will look amazing!

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