Monday, October 4, 2010

iMoshionUSA Review

I've done quite a few purse reviews here and I love having the opportunity to review them. Each purse I review has its own unique style and feel to it. It's fun having different purses to coordinate with different seasons, moods, and colors of what you're wearing.

iMoshionUSA was founded in the Netherlands 4 years ago. It has grown to be one of Europe's popular handbag lines. This company uses only cruelty free materials. The collection has grown to the US and brings a much needed sense of elegance. The line is found in major retailers as well as independent boutiques. (Taken from website.)

This company offers very stylish and unique purses in many different styles and colors and patterns. I enjoyed browsing through the collection to find a purse that I liked the best.

I finally settled on a purse called Bianca, in black. I couldn't find a picture of it by itself, but it is the first one in the picture.

I really love black purses. They dress up an outfit but are netural enough to go with anything you could possibly wear. I'm a big fan of large purses and this one is right up my alley. This bag is more of a hobo style. I like the large gold hardware that's featured on the straps of the purse. It adds some pizazz to the black and brightens it up. On the gold hardware there are also small cylandrical snakeskin hardware pieces attached. It's pretty funky. There is an outside compartment on the outside of the purse that would be good to hold a cell phone or even an iPod. It's not overly deep or large, so you can't hold too much in it. There is also another pocket on the other side of the outside of the bag too. I like that this bag has so many storage compartments.. There are two pockets on either side of the inside of the purse. The bag itself inside is deep. It can hold anything you may need such as a dayplanner, wallet, keys, book, sweater, etc. It can hold a lot which is great and very convenient for me. The bag zip closed from the inside to keep your belongings from spilling out. This is definately going to be my winter/fall bag.

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