Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Peeps Review

Everyone's familiar with Peeps. You see them featured in your local drug store and grocery store for the Easter holiday. Those cute little multicolored chicks filled with delicious marshmallow goodness are a staple of Easter. They are also around for Halloween and Christmas, in the shapes of pumpkins, ghosts, and Christmas trees.

Just Born produces more than just Peeps. They are the producers of Mike & Ike's, Hot Tamales, Peanut Chews, Teenee Beanee as well. I had no idea they produced some of these very popular brands until now.

I've always loved Peeps and look forward to the holidays where I can enjoy them. I contacted Just Born and was excited when they told me they would be sending me some dark and milk chocolate covered Peeps. Wow, I was not familiar with the chocolate covered Peeps, but instantly knew I would love them.

A package showed up at my door today bearing two separate cases of Peeps. One dark and one milk chocolate covered case, of course.

Wow, each case has 24 individually wrapped Peeps inside!

Of course I had to try this delicious treat. I really liked how the candy was in the shape of a peep, it was very cute.

Once you bite into the Peep, there is yellow marshmallow inside. It doesn't taste exactly like a normal marshmallow Peep does, but it tastes even better! It reminds me of those marshmallow eggs around Halloween time. The chocolate is delicious and very rich and fresh. The marshmallow is fluffy and whipped. The flavor of the chocolate is smooth and very good. The dark chocolate is good too but the milk chocolate was my favorite. Each peep has 110 calories, which isn't bad considering the peep is large for the small amount of calories that you're eating.

Peeps, anyone?

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