Thursday, September 9, 2010

KozyShack Pudding Review

Pudding is great for so many things, you can use it for layering in a trifle, use it for a parfait (substitute pudding for yogurt), pie filling, or just enjoy it by itself.

About Kozyshack:
Kozy Shack, Inc. is a family owned company that
has been producing quality desserts since 1967. We have grown from a neighborhood delicatessen
serving homemade rice pudding to a major dessert
manufacturer with international distribution. Kozy
Shack products are available through popular
retail stores: supermarkets, mass merchandisers,
club stores and natural food stores. Kozy Shack
products are also carried by convenience stores,
military commissaries and foodservice distributors. (taken from website.)

Kozyshack offers ready-made pie fillings, flans, sugar free puddings, ready grain cereals, soy puddings, and more.

I had seen Kozyshack at my local supermarket, but had never tried it before. KozyShack knows that I am a big chocolate lover, and they fulfilled my sweet tooth by sending me 2 packs of pudding. One was chocolate, and the other chocolate hazelnut.

The Simplywell dark chocolate was amazing, it was full of flavor and simply decadant. The dark chocolate flavor was very prevalent. It comes in a 4 pack and each cup is 100 calories. You might think "Oh, 100 calories, it has to be tiny!" No, the cup actually holds a decent amount of pudding. This is a snack that will satisfy you but won't ruin your day by over indulging. As you can see from the picture, the pudding is a good source of many vitamins.

When I first saw the pack of this pudding, I instantly thought it was going to taste like Nutella. The only chocolate hazelnut item I've ever had is Nutella, so I was thinking it would be similiar. This is much different! At first taste, the chocolate is noticable, but then instantly a nutty flavor bursts in your mouth. It's very delicious. Each pudding cup only has 110 calories per serving, and is a good source of calcium. The pudding is all natural with no preservatives or hydrogenated oils. This is important to me. I want to put something good tasting in my body with no worries or concerns.

Thanks Kozyshack for some delicious pudding! :)

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