Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chelsea Handler Book Reviews

I've been watching Chelsea Lately on E! for some time now and I really love it. If you are not aware of this very funny comedienne, you are missing out! Chelsea's show discusses current pop culture topics with a dash of her and the roundtable's own sassy opinions. Chelsea is hilarious and always has something sarcastic and witty to say. I think we have similiar styles of humor so it's easy for me to laugh at what she's saying.

Along with being a comedienne, Chelsea is also an author and has written 3 New York Times Best Selling books, with two being #1! The books are entitled, Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, and My Horizontal Life. As you can see by the names of the titles, obviously you're not going to be reading anything extremely serious. I like light-hearted, fun, and funny books, so this was right up my alley. I had previously read the first title mentioned and absolutely loved it. Chelsea is sarcastic, witty, and pushes every boundary imaginable.

I contacted Chelsea's tour publicist and was delighted when she said she would send me two books for review. I received the following books:

I finished both books in two days. They were hilarious, very quick reads, which left me laughing right onto the last page and even after the book was finished.

Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea is a collection of memories and stories, which is written in chronological order of her life. Her anecdotes cover a range of topics from sex to sibling rivalry to parental humiliation and much more. I thoroughly enjoyed the stories about her basically daily disdain for her father's behavior. Chelsea lets you into her personal world where you get to read and experience the trials and tribulations of certain events of her life.

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang pushed even more boundaries, in my opinion!

This book features direct essays that are sure to push the envelope even further. Handler spouts running jokes while suckering the gullible, again and again, with made-up stories of her transgendered friend, a ludicrous movie deal, and her infamous personal pilot. She also lets readers in on her family life. I thought this book was hilarious and couldn't put it down.

Chelsea is completely unfiltered in both books and says whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and doesn't care who hears it. That's why she is hilarious, she speaks the truth. She says what everyone wants to say, but can't. Some people try too hard to be funny, but it comes so natural to Chelsea.

Catch Chelsea on her current tour in a city near you.


  1. I couldn't have put this blog into better words! I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Chelsea! I make sure that I don't go to sleep @ night before seeing her 11pm showing, then i'm up after the soup for her 12am showing! Lol I live in Charleston, SC. I went to Raleigh NC to see her on her last book tour for Chelsea, Chelsea, Bang, Bang. I had a TOTAL BLAST! I have also read all 3 of her books on my Kindle, and recommend them to my clients everyday! She is coming to Charlotte, NC on October 16th, and will catch me there as well! L.A. is just too far for me to travel @ the moment! Funds don't support! lol Thank you Sammi for your wonderful blog on CHELSEA HANDLER!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love Chelsea's show & I love her books.

  3. Great reviews Sammi, I watched her last nite (on the MTV awards)with my daughter who loves, loves, loves Chelsea and watches her show every nite, I didnt know too much about her before but can say after watching her monologue last nite on MTV she is pretty funny and now I want to know more so I'm probably going to read her books after seeing your reviews, thanks for the info