Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Plow and Hearth Review

I love doing reviews where I especially need the product. Some product reviews I do, I say I'd like to have this, but it's not something that I absolutely NEED. Want yes, need no. I contacted Plow and Hearth and was thrilled when they let me review two items from the website that I had my eye on.

First item:
Fleece And Cotton Comfort Sheet Set (sorry there was no good picture of this)
I was excited to get this sheet set because I was in need of a new set.

Spouses who sleep at different temperatures will love these unique sheets! They're split down the middle, with warm fleece on one side and cool cotton on the other.

Cold sleepers can enjoy snuggly fleece and warm sleepers the crispness of 100% cotton.

Each pillowcase has fleece on one side and cotton on the other - simply flip over for the desired fabric. Sheets are deep enough to fit thick or cushioned mattresses.

Set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillowcases. White. Imported.

This is a very unique product. I am always hot, while my boyfriend is always cold. I've never seen anything like this before. Usually I am always throwing the blanket off of me because I'm so hot. This is perfect for us. I like how the pillowcases have one side that is cotton and one side that is fleece. The sheets are comfortable, but one thing I noticed is that they are a little big. I have a queen sized bed, and these are queen sized sheets, but they seem like they could almost be king sized. I had to tuck more material underneath the mattress than normal. I slept on these and was noticably cooler, which is a great plus at night.

Second item:
Recycled Glass Carafe
I opted for just the carafe, without the tumblers that it comes with.
Entertain the eco-conscious way with our pale blue-green glass carafe and beverage tumblers. Made in Spain from 100% recycled glass and embossed with a "100% Recycled Glass" seal, the glass is high quality and sturdy enough for indoors and out. Carafe holds 27 oz.

This is a great carafe for serving company. It's perfect for serving lemonade and iced tea in, for those hot summer days. Just seeing the picture of the carafe reminded me of people sitting around a table at a barbeque drinking lemonade from this carafe. I love the design of it, it's very cute. I think it's interesting that it's made from recycled glass too. It makes it unique. I know I will be using this carafe the next time I have company over!


  1. Great that you got to select some nice sheets to review.

  2. I'd love to try out the sheets! They sound awesome! I need some new sheets for winter!