Sunday, August 29, 2010

New England Coffee Company Review

I'm not a big coffee drinker, but my boyfriend is. He likes to try different flavored coffees and experiment with regular coffee by adding cinnamon, hazelnut, etc. I figured this flavored coffee company would be right up his alley!

New England is a company that dates back to 1916 from a family of coffee roasters. New England Coffee strives to provide its customers with the freshest, most delicious coffee.

I was sent three decaf flavors to review. I received French Vanilla, Hazelnut Creme, and Breakfast Blend. The aroma of the coffee is noticable through the sealed bag! Your kitchen will be quickly filled with the delicious scents of flavored coffee, how can anyone not like this? The pictures represent the coffee so well and are visually pleasing to the eye.

The decaffeinated coffees are 97% caffeine-free with all the great taste of regular coffee. In order to remove the caffeine from the beans, we use a direct solvent method. (Taken from website.)

French Vanilla:

A New England Coffee favorite, our signature blend of Colombian, Brazilian and Central American decaffeinated coffees is mixed with smooth and sweet French Vanilla to delight all flavor lovers. The buttery and rich aroma will fill your home, calm your senses and comfort your household. This classic coffee flavor is perfect for morning and evening indulgences; French Vanilla Decaf coffee should be enjoyed whenever you have time to stop, relax and savor your coffee moment. (Taken from website)

The French Vanilla was my boyfriend's favorite. He said the flavors were strong and prominent and utterly delicious. He was surprised that with such a big taste, the coffee was decaf.

Breakfast Blend:

This popular decaffeinated blend uses Arabica beans from Central and South America. The beans are then medium-roasted to create a hearty yet smooth coffee. Decaf Breakfast Blend coffee is ideal for those seeking a delicious balance in their coffee. It’s perfect for any time of day and will neither overpower nor underwhelm your palate. New England Breakfast Blend Decaf is your ideal coffee standby. (Taken from website)

This coffee is perfect for first thing in the morning. Even though it's decaf, my boyfriend says the flavors are strong enough to give you that morning kick you need to start your day. The flavor is rich and smooth.

Hazelnut Creme:

With a taste of nuts and cream, this light, roasted selection makes this a flavorful decaffeinated coffee. This unique quality allows the coffee to be consumed as a breakfast coffee, middle of the day treat, or with your after-dinner dessert. Our gourmet South and Central American decaffeinated coffee beans are prepared by our roastmasters in a time-honored process that has been honed for over four generations. It’s the only way we know how to make sure you always enjoy one of your favorite flavors, cup after cup. (Taken from website.)

This flavor was light, yet satisfying. My boyfriend liked how versatile this coffee was and how it can be consumed at any time of day. It has a very strong, distinct flavor and certainly packs a great taste.

These coffees are a great addition to anyone's coffee palate. They offer delicious, strong flavors which add some zing to your otherwise every day to day life.

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