Monday, August 23, 2010

Doggie Couture Shop Review is the ultimate website for pampering and spoiling your pooch. They offer rhinestone studded collars, dog beds in the shape of sports cars, designer inspired toys, delicious (for animals!) treats, adorable clothes and so much more. It's heaven for dogs!!

I like to spoil Colby as much as I can and this website had no problem helping me do so. Colby is a big fan of furry, squeaky toys and I picked out a great one for her. The toys are so creative and cute it was difficult at first to pick out a really great one.

I finally settled on the "Chewy Vuitton" Yes, a toy inspired by the ever popular Louis Vuitton purse. It's white and furry with multi-colored symbols on the front, and on the top it says "Chewy Vuitton". It even has a furry little handle!! It's SO cute!!

This toy comes in a small and large size. Colby's a small dog, so I picked the small size for her. It's perfect for her, and she loves it! She's a diva dog who spends most of her days laying on the couch or bed, so I felt the designer inspired aspect of the toy was appropriate for her! :) She loves the squeaker and squeaks it constantly. Since the toy is white, I figure if it gets dirty I can just throw it in the wash. I can see Colby having fun with this toy for months to come! :)

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