Monday, August 30, 2010

Crumbs Review

As you all know I have a gigantic sweet tooth, and I will never turn ANYTHING chocolate down. I rarely go a day without eating something that's chocolate.

Crumbs is a local NYC bakery which sells BEAUTIFUL cupcakes in every flavor imaginable and they are decorated so nicely too!
Here are some examples of cupcakes featured at Crumbs:

These cupcakes are large and in charge and packed full of deliciousness.

Crumbs graciously sent me a coupon for a free cupcake from the bakery. I went in and admired all of the gorgeous cupcakes and took my time in deciding. I finally settled on a cupcake called Baba Booey.

The Baba Booey was created in 2008 by Gary Dell'Abate a.k.a. Baba Booey of the Howard Stern Show. Gary absolutely loves peanut butter and chocolate, so it's only fitting that his cupcake has both! Chocolate cake filled with peanut butter frosting, topped with peanut butter and chocolate cream cheese frosting and rimmed with peanut butter chips. A portion of the proceeds from the Baba Booey cupcake is donated to Lifebeat. (taken from website)

Wow, this cupcake was seriously the best cupcake I've ever eaten. It was decorated so nicely with the half chocolate/half peanut butter frosting and had a generous circle of peanut butter chips around the border of the cupcake. It was rich, delicious, and the flavors of the chocolate and peanut butter were magical together. The inside had a melt in your mouth peanut butter frosting that was to die for. It was chocolate and peanut butter bliss! Crumbs always comes through with yumminess!


  1. The Elvis is also a good option if you like peanut butter. If I lived closer to Crumbs I would weigh 500 lbs.

  2. Lol yes, they are not low in calories.

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