Thursday, July 29, 2010

SoftLips Pure Naturals Review

Not too long ago I did a review of SoftLips lipbalms. The products were great and to this day I still use them! They keep my lips soft and hydrated. I always have one in my purse, one in my medicine cabinet, and one in my nightstand drawer.

I contacted SoftLips again because I saw that they had a new line of products out called Pure Naturals. I was thrilled when they said yes, and sent me their entire new line!

I received 3 sheer lipglosses in shell pink, natural honesty, and coral charm. I was also sent a vanilla berry lip butter, two sheer lip tints/conditioner in also coral charm and shell pink. Lastly, I also got something which I know I will need come winter time. It is a organic coconut and sugar lip polish.

The lip tints and lip glosses all smell really good! That was the first thing that I noticed when I tried them on. My favorite thing is that these products contain SPF 15. It's been brutually hot in NYC lately, and I need all the sun protection I can get! The coral charm color gloss is my favorite. The shell pink is a little too pale for me and washes me out. I am pale enough already haha.

The lip butter is great. It really hydrates my lips and keeps them moisturized and soft. My lips very easily get chapped, especially in the winter and it's not a fun feeling. I am glad I will have something on hand to protect me from the harsh winter air. The lip polish is very easy to use too. It is designed to exfoliate your lips with organic coconut flakes and exfoliating sugar crystals to rid your lips of dry, flaky skin. It was very easy to use and my lips definately felt better after.

I love these products and would recommend them to anyone!

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