Tuesday, July 6, 2010

SillyBandz Review

Silly Bandz are the hottest thing across America right now! They are a hit among children and adults. Silly bandz are rubber bands that come in various shapes of foods, symbols, animals, letters, etc and even have silly necklaces. The rubber bands can be worn on one's wrist, but they conform right back to their original shape once taken off.

The idea was inspired by shaped silicone office products that were created with the hopes of being a green product. They did not work as companies did not want to spend that much on rubber bands. They were then made larger to fit as bracelets and re-branded as Silly Bandz by Robert Croak. The toys are sold in packs of 24 for about $4.95.

I received the entire collection of Silly Bandz plus silly necklaces. Let's just say I am sillied out!

Here are some examples of the bandz.

I think the Silly Bandz are very cool. I like that there are so many different styles and shapes geared towards everyone's personal taste and gender. Whether a person wants a shark, a princess wand, or a dog bone, it's all there! I really like how colorful they are too. I think it's interesting that no matter how much you try to twist the bracelet or knot it together, it still always takes the same shape no matter what. It's virtually indestructible, unless cut. I feel that Silly Bandz will be around for a long time to come.

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