Thursday, July 15, 2010 Review is an amazing website which offers gorgeous flowers of every color, type, and size under the sun. Not only that, they offer fabulous gift baskets that range from spa, food, fruit, and seasonal baskets (winter, summer, fall, spring)

I received a wonderful basket called the Ultimate Lavender Relaxation Basket:

This basket came packaged extremely well. It fit into the carton perfectly, and when I got it nothing had opened or leaked. The basket was in plastic wrap to protect it and had a pretty lavender bow to compliment the lavender theme of the basket. The individual items were either in pretty lavender boxes with a pretty bow, or in pretty bottles with lavender flowers on it. The basket is very nice itself and will be useful long after the products are gone. It is a nice light colored wicker and has a beige cloth inside to protect it.

What was in the basket, you ask?

* 2 Soap Squares
* Lavender Scented Bath Fizzer
* 8 oz Lavender Scented Bubble Bath
* 10 oz Lavender Scented Bath Salts
* 8.8 oz Lavender Scented Body Cream
* Wooden Body Massager
* Wooden Back Brush
* Lavender Bath Sponge
* Lavender Scented Bath Tea
* 17.2 oz Lavender Scented Bath Cream
* 12 oz Lavender Scented Shower Gel
* Spa Slippers
* 6pc Bath Fizzers
* Lavender Bath Mitt
* Item #41409

For centuries, lavender has been cultivated for its soothing and healing properties. Our Ultimate Lavender Relaxation offers a spa in a basket. With even more relaxing lavender scented products than our original and Deluxe Lavender Relaxation Baskets, it’s perfect for spoiling that special someone!

WOW, how could anyone not love this awesome basket? It provides the ultimate relaxation for anyone. It makes me want to take a bath right now! The lavender scent is present, but not overly prominent where it's too much to handle, like some lavender products are. This basket would be PERFECT to give as a gift, or to even keep for yourself to enjoy!

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