Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nature's Notebook Review

I know I've struggled sometimes with knowing what to give someone as a gift, or picking out something I know they will love.

Nature's Notebook is a wonderfully creative website that specializes in "sand art." Basically, Courtney Noelle (who is the artist) creates whatever you want her to write in the sandy beaches of California! You can choose from a black and white or color print. She's very talented and her work comes out amazing.

I chose an 8x10 color print that I gave to my boyfriend as a gift. I had Sammi <3 Jay written. She even dotted the i in my name with a starfish!

(The picture isn't the greatest because I took a picture of a picture, instead of scanning it in.)
I bought a frame for it and it's now hanging on my wall. It looks great! I love the concept of this business. So creative and fun! It's a gorgeous picture and I love that there's a slight rainbow in the background. I can see this picture being a great conversation starter too. This would be a great wedding, birthday, anniversary, or a just thinking of you gift!

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