Wednesday, July 28, 2010

JustGano Review

I love jewelry and I never leave my house without earrings, rings, (and sometimes a necklace) on. I always like to wear earrings that match my outfits too. Jewelry is so fun and is perfect for expressing yourself with it.

JustGano is an online jewelry website which specializes in "chic fashion jewelry at manufacturer direct prices." This website is a little unique because you can't just buy a piece of jewelry, you have to join the membership part of the site. Once you join (depending on which membership package you pick) you can receive anywhere from 1-6 pieces of jewelry a month. JustGano has rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces of many types and styles. You pick your desired jewelry and save it to a wishlist, and the next piece ships accordingly from the list.

A complimentary membership was given to me, and I was allowed to pick out one piece of jewelry. JustGano has very cute jewelry and it was hard to pick just one thing that I liked. I chose the "Floating Pave Heart Diamond Necklace."

I think this necklace is so cute. Some fake diamond necklaces look very fake and gaudy, but this doesn't. Granted, it's not real it doesn't seem overly fake or cheap. It is great for night or day wear or dressed up or down. It sparkles nicely and isn't too long or short either. It's the perfect length. I am very satisfied with this necklace and can't wait to wear it!

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