Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fantasy Jewelry Box Review Part 2

I had the chance to review another beautiful piece from FJB. I did a review with them a few months ago, and I really enjoyed their jewelry.

This time, I asked to review the:
Jada's Celebrity Inspired Blue Topaz CZ Cocktail Ring

The exquisite ocean water blue color will dazzle the eye of the beholder. With its 5 Carat aqua blue cz cubic zirconia center stone encircled by 1.25 Carats of inlaid diamond cz stones, you will want to show this one off! Delicately crafted in .925 Sterling Silver and dipped in rhodium for the high-end look of platinum. Simply exquisite!•.925 Sterling Silver

•Rhodium Electroplated
•1/2 Inch (16mm) Wide
•High Quality Cubic Zirconia
•Blue Zircon, Clear
•Princess Shape, Round Shape
•Brilliant Cut
•Bezel Setting, Inlaid Setting
•5 Carat Center Stone, 6.25 Carats Total

I think this ring is so pretty. I really like large, cocktail rings and I have a few of them. Granted this ring is fake, the construction of it is very realistic. It fits me well too. The ring could be worn during the day, and even jazzed up at night it would look perfect too.

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