Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Arm&Hammer Kid's My Way Spinbrush Review

I don't have children, and don't usually review children's products because I am not interested in them. I was contacted to review Arm & Hammer's newest product, which is the Kid's Spinbrush called "My Way." I accepted the offer because I thought it was a cute product, and knew I would enjoy decorating the toothbrush.

This toothbrush comes with different sheets of stickers to let children decorate their toothbrush however they want. The toothbrush is plain white with a jeweled purple on/off switch. I love that it is white because it is the perfect canvas for creation! Some of the stickers are letters to spell out their name, animals, sayings such as "girls rule, cool, lol, awesome, etc, and pictures of various girly things like hearts, stars, circles, rainbows, lipstick, etc.

This product is meant for girls and it is the only toothbrush which you can decorate. The other toothbrushes are in the shapes of dolphins, wolverine, spiderman, a dolphin, ice cream cone, etc. I really enjoyed this, LOL. I had fun with it. I spelled out my name on the toothbrush, put a picture of a dog, a star, a tube of lipstick, a swirl, a flower, a sun, and a lady bug on it. I think it looks really cute!

The letter stickers were a little bit hard to place them where I wanted them to go because they were small and my fingers are not as small as a child's. It took me a minute to place them correctly. I did like that the stickers were easy to move around if desired. Some stickers start to rip or break if they are tried to move.

I really think a little girl would love this product. I know I would have loved this had it been around when I was younger. I also really liked that it came with the batteries included, because not all products do this. I think this product is also very smart because young children are going to want the incentive to brush their teeth with their cool, decorated toothbrush! It's a win win for both parents and children.

Some information about the Spinbrush:
*Research shows that kids brush 38% longer with Spinbrush® than when using an ordinary manual brush.*

Available in several fun and exciting designs (including My Way!TM, Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Astronaut, Soccer Ball, Dolphin, Ice Cream Cone, Pikachu, Skateboard and Butterfly)
Great handle designs make brushing fun!
Promotes healthy brushing; removes plaque; massages gums
Smaller brush head for smaller mouths
Less than $7 U.S. suggested retail price** – only a few dollars more than an ordinary manual toothbrush!
Ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip
Includes 2 AAA batteries
Children under 3 use under adult supervision

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