Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Luna Protein Bars Review

I try to eat anything that is relatively healthy for me, and I love nutritional supplement bars (especially if they taste good, and are good for you. It's an added bonus.) I've been a fan of Luna bars for many years now. My favorites are peppermint stick and s'mores.
I was excited when I had the opportunity to review a new line of Luna brand bars. These are called Luna Protein Bars, and the packaging looks completely different than a regular Luna bar (well they have to differentiate, right?)
I was sent chocolate cherry almond, cookie dough, and chocolate peanut butter.

What is a Luna Protein Bar?
Luna Protein - An indulgent high protein bar specifically designed for women that tastes great and provides natural satiation from organic and all natural ingredients.
12 grams of soy/whey protein
High in Fiber
High in Calcium, Iron, & Folic Acid
Good source of Vitamin D, Antioxidants (Vit. A, C & E)
Nougaty, candy bar-like texture

The first thing I noticed when I ate the cookie dough bar was that they seemed smaller and a lot more dense than a regular luna bar but had the same amount of calories? This could just be my imagination though. The cookie dough flavor was delicious! Usually you feel guilty when you would eat cookie dough because it's full of calories and fat, but no this bar isn't! You can have a guilt free treat that's packed with calcium, folic acid, vitamin d, and iron...that's some food for thought :). I'm not a big lover of fruit flavors in anything besides really fruit itself, so I was happy to see the new proten flavors weren't something along the lines of "berry pie, or "apple tart." Cookie dough and chocolate peanut butter are the flavors that I would go for and actually eat, so it's a nice surprise.

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