Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Something very cool was delivered today!

I've really enjoyed having a blog and connecting with other people and reviewing products. I am a big fan of the Real Housewives of NYC. I am a "fan" of Jill Zarin on facebook. Her email address was in her info section. I decided to email her and explain what my blog is all about, and how I would love to review her upcoming book for my blog. I told her that it would be great publicity for her book, herself, and the show. (I'm sure she enjoyed that part.) I titled the subject "Business Deal" so she wouldn't delete it or ignore it. Well she must have a blackberry or an iphone or something because she answered within 5 minutes. She thanked me and CC'd her publisher in the email to get something going. The publisher and I talked and she thought it would be a great idea. Well low and behold, the book came today via messenger (since the publishing company and I are both in NYC). It's very exciting and I think it's so cool how I have something that doesn't come out for 23 days!!


  1. Oh that is so neat! I love that show and also Housewives of OC. Even my hubby likes those shows and we watch every Thursday night and tape it for our daughter who doesn;t have cable! LOL
    Good job!

  2. Cool Sammie
    I like the Housewives of MYC.