Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just got this email

This is to inform you that you have won a total sum of £950,000.00 GBP (NINE HUNDRED & FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS)in the Pepsi Lottery of 2010. For further details about winning, kindly contact the officer in charge.
Shaw Hendrick
Jung Stephanie
Public Announcer

Oh my! Really? I won this much money? I don't even drink Pepsi, but somehow I was entered to win the Pepsi Lottery? What does one do to be entered into this lottery, drink 500,000 calories worth of Pepsi and then send in their bottle caps?

Now I won't have to worry about money and I can go to Europe! It's funny because the email had "undisclosed recipients" in the email too, does that mean I have to split my winings with them? Thanks Stephanie, even though your email looks fake and scammy!!


  1. Well aparently I am rich than you. I win the british lottery every day of the week. I too have won the Pepsi lottery and oh, I have inherited a huge sum of money from some rich distant relative and the money is all in pounds. LOL. If only I could have 1/10 of all the scam winnings I have been so graciously been choosen for, I would never have to cook my own meals ever again. Congrats on your FIRST win. LOL

  2. Wow! You are so lucky to be able to win a lottery that you didn't even enter! I wish that I could have such luck. lol

  3. Cheryl, let's split your money!!