Monday, February 22, 2010

SheaTerra Organics Review

I love when I get to review skincare products! :) My boyfriend isn't a big fan of my bathroom which looks like it could be in the makings of a small Sephora, but I love beauty products. SheaTerra Organics let me pick out 3 wonderful products of my choosing. I chose Argan Wild Honey Facial Cleanser and Mask, Anti-Acne Facial Cleanser and Mask (even though I am not 14 years old anymore, I still get the occasional pimple) :(, and lastly I chose the Argan and Rosemary Oil Facial Cleanser.

Apitherapy to hydrate skin and reduce blemishes. Made with pure African Wild Honey and shea nilotica.

Wild honey has long been used as part of a daily facial regimen to produce healthy, young looking skin. Honey is a humectant, which means that it literally pulls moisture from the air. It contains the medicinal properties from the pollen of the herbs and the resin of the trees that the bees harvest lending its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to the skin. We pour generous amounts of enzyme rich, wild harvested honey into a moisturizing argan oil soap base. Vitamin A rich argan oil is the anti-aging beauty secret of Morocco�s Berber women. 100% Natural.

This product smelled so great and made my skin look really nice. It really made my skin feel smooth and hydrated and it didn't leave a filmy residue that some products can leave. I really enjoy using it.

Known for their knowledge in herbal medicine, the Yoruban descendants of ancient Egypt first formulated black soap to purify the skin in order to fight off skin diseases and infections. Our blend of black soap and anti-bacterial aloe ferox, honey, essential oils and herbs effectively dry up acne while creating an environment that discourages its onset. 100% Natural.
I have noticed my acne getting better since I have started using this product. I like all natural products much more than Clearasil or Neutrogena because they benzoyl-peroxide that is in the product dries my skin out. This doesn't!

Get an invigorating, deep cleansing for your pores and liven up your skin. Pure argan oil from the endangered Argan Forest of Morocco is high in vitamin E. It leaves skin silky soft as it removes dirt and debris from inside pores. Moroccan rosemary oil invigorates and tones skin leaving your face looking better than ever before.
I use this as a toner after I've washed my face at night and in the mornings. It really refreshes my skin and makes it feel clean and energized. I highly recommend this product, my skin looks great!


  1. All these products sounds like great natural anti aging products that make women look younger and more beautiful. Most of the women nowadays despise looking older as they age. They want to look younger forever. These beauty products will help them to look younger.

  2. Hi, Sammi
    Those sound like some great products.
    Like the line about mini Sephoria - lol