Friday, February 19, 2010 Review

Jones Soda is pretty recognizable to me. I always thought they were a unique soda company because they always have different pictures of people, or objects on their bottle labels for various flavors. I decided to contact Jones Soda back in January and ask if I could somehow review some of their soda with my custom designed label. To my great surprise, they wrote back and said yes, what picture would I like to put on the label? Wow! How cool! I sent in a picture of my boyfriend and I and the person I was corresponding with said Berry Lemonade Soda would look great with my picture. It took just over a month from beginning to completion (they were out of Berry Lemonade and had to wait for more product.) Yesterday, I received the awesome product. I received 6 bottles of delicious Berry Lemonade Soda, and it's hard to not drink all of them at once!

Here is a picture of the final bottle, it's so cool! I feel famous!

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