Monday, February 15, 2010

Jolly Llama Review

I love frozen ice pops, all year round. I love the refreshing taste of them too. Jolly Llama frozen sorbet pops are delicious!
Some information about Jolly Llama:
Our all-natural whole fruit squeezable sorbets give people a naturally healthy and wonderfully delicious frozen treat that’s fun to eat. We blend our sorbets from the finest grade fruit that is fully ripened in the sun, picked, and then pureed immediately to make the best tasting frozen fruit treats on the market.

Because we make our sorbets from sun-ripened whole fruit – never concentrates or juices – each Jolly Llama bursts with the mouth-watering freshness of real fruit and retains the rich store of nutrients that nature intended. Our Acai “superfruit” sorbet is particularly high in antioxidants. All of our sorbets are low in fat and each averages just 75 calories per tube. To make our sorbets even healthier, we fortify them with Vitamins A & C (50% RDI or greater) and naturally healthy fiber (10% RDI or greater).

Our sorbets are naturally sweetened with pure cane sugar. We do not use any artificial sweeteners or any genetically-modified corn syrups. Our sorbets are all gluten-free and dairy-free as well.

The Jolly Llama Company wants people (both kids and adults!) to be able to indulge in the simple pleasure of a frozen treat without having to worry about the bad stuff. And because we believe in the importance of taking care of our earth, all of our packing is sustainable and recyclable, and we donate a share of our profits to help end world hunger.

First off, I thought it was very cool that these pops are only available in LA and AZ and I was shipped a package of them in dry ice! I was sent, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, mango, and acai berry. My favorite is Strawberry. The package says that the sorbet is an excellent sources of vitamins A & C. It's also a good source of fiber. I was impressed with the amount of sorbet that you get for 80 calories. This snack is perfect for on the go, and for a school or work lunch (packed with an ice pack). This snack is great for kids as opposed to very sugary cookies or juices. I love that you can taste a very rich real fruit taste, and it's not artifical tasting. I wish I could buy these near me!

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