Thursday, October 31, 2013

Have you heard about Estroblock?

If you're in the market for a new miracle capsule that will change your life, I have just the product to introduce you to.  You will surely find the results you're looking for.

Estroblock  naturally clears toxic estrogens (estrones) from the body.  These estrones are often produced by toxins commonly found in our food and hormones.  If left unchecked, they will dilute our naturally produced hormones and cause major health problems such as acne, obesity, and cancers.  

Estroblock contains DIM and I3C in the correct ratio to protect you from harmful xeno-estrogens.  Xeno-Estrogens can be responsible for pear-shaped bodies and water retention in women.  For men, this could mean genecomastia and an inability to lose fat.  These pesky estrogens can be found in plastics, pesticides, preservatives, and household products that we come in contact with everyday.  Once absorbed, these chemicals metabolize into toxins responsible for estrogen dependent cancers.  

If you're looking to take a stand and protect yourself today, Estroblock is the way to go.

*DISCLOSURE* This is sponsored post that I received compensation for. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

V8 V-Fusion® Refreshers Review

Whenever you see me drinking a beverage, you can guarantee that it's water.  Sometimes you have to add some flavor to an ordinary drink and make it exciting.  I don't drink soda, but I do enjoy flavored seltzer, flavored water, and unsweetened iced tea.  On the rare occasion I do have a glass of juice, I limit myself to only enjoying one.  Life's short and you just have to treat yourself sometimes!

V8 V-Fusion® Refreshers are a light and crisp fruit drink with a 20-25% blend of vegetable and fruit juices that come in four delicious and unique family pleasing flavors.  The line-up includes black cherry berry, cranberry grape, tangerine passionfruit, and peach strawberry.  The juices are naturally sweetened, contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, and are an excellent source of Vitamin C.

I'm always on the lookout for a drink that not only tastes great, but has some nutritional value as well.  I don't have children, but there's no reason why I can't make sure my nutrition is accounted for.  I was sent a bottle of the black cherry berry, and tangerine passionfruit.  I was excited to try the drink as well as receive nutritional benefits from it.  What a win-win, right?

What I first noticed when looking at their bottles was the beautiful packaging.  There were bright and bold pictures of the fruit relevant to the flavor on each bottle.  The colors were vivid and beautiful.  Before I tried the juices, I read over the nutritional facts.  I liked that they contained no high fructose corn syrup, but did have 100% vitamin C per bottle.  The high sugar content put me off a little bit, honestly.  I don't normally love very sweet drinks.  The sugar content was about 22 grams, which is a lot. 

I tried the black cherry berry first.  The cold juice was refreshing and I certainly tasted the flavor of the berry blend.  I have to admit it was very sweet, even though it's naturally sweetened.  No extra sugar is added.  I had to dilute it with water to be able to try more of it.  It was smooth going down and I enjoyed the fact that it contains fruit and vegetables in each glass. 

The tangerine passionfruit wasn't my favorite.  I am not a big fan of citrus fruits at all.  I don't even drink orange juice.  The blend of passionfruit and tangerine is an interesting combination though. 

I think if the sugar content were to be reduced, I would enjoy the beverage much more.  These juices would be perfect for a parent to give their child, especially if they need more fruits and veggies in their diet.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

ConsciousCakes Etsy Shop Review and Giveaway

I've never been one to turn down a cookie. If you ever offer me a cookie and I say no, then you know I'm probably dying.  There is no discrimination against my love for cookies, but they are truly all my favorites.  Chocolate, sugar, peanut butter, or even a snickerdoodle make my taste buds sing in delight.  There is always room in my heart for more cookie love.  Have you thought about opening up your heart to accept more cookies today?

ConsciousCakes is an Etsy shop that sells an assortment of vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free treats. They offer cupcakes in a jar in such mouth-watering flavors as vanilla, peanut butter cup, and red velvet.  You can't forget about chocolate or carrot either! All of the cupcakes in a jar come with a coordinating frosting that will make your stomach smile.  There are some cookies offered, with the most unique flavor being spiced hot chocolate cookies.  If you're into sweets, there is something most definitely for you.  Why not consider serving yummies from ConsciousCakes at your holiday office party, baby shower, or even Christmas party? Anytime is also a perfect time to enjoy their treats.

I was lucky enough to be able to try the spiced hot chocolate cookies.  This was such a unique flavor that I had never previously tried, but it sounded too good to pass up.  I knew that the spiced hot chocolate cookies would have to have a date with my stomach.  It was mandatory!

Come here cookies.  Don't hide from me, I just want to hug you with my teeth.

The cookies were shipped to me extremely fast.  In just a few days, a mason jar containing six spiced hot chocolate cookies was now sitting on my kitchen counter.  The color of the cookies looked just like hot chocolate.  I took a bite of them and I was transported on a rocket ship straight to Planet Cookie.  The treat was light and fluffy and melt in your mouth delicious.  The chocolate flavor was not over the top at all, but extremely subtle.  Despite being vegan and gluten free, there was still a lot of taste and flavor.

Only when you finish the cookie do you taste the hidden spice at the end.  There was a light hint of cayenne pepper that blankets your mouth.  It was not extremely spicy, but just the right amount to perk up the flavor of the chocolate.  I've never experienced a cookie like this and it was a new cookie experience for me, one that I really enjoyed.  Who would have thought that cayenne pepper pairs well with chocolate? If I'm ever in a bakery and I see a spiced chocolate treat, you can bet I'll be ordering it.  Pair these cookies with a nice cup of coffee or tea and you've got yourself the perfect afternoon snack.  If you're feeling adventurous, even a cup of hot chocolate with a tiny amount of cayenne pepper too.  

These cookies would be a wonderful treat during the winter.  Can't you just imagine it now? Cozying up to the roaring fire under a blanket and enjoying these yummies.  It would certainly be a great night!

Learn the Ins and Outs of Owning a Supercuts #Franchise

When I lived in New York City, I frequently went to Supercuts to get my hair cut.  The price was affordable, and they did a good job on my hair.  The staff was courteous and attentive to boot. 

If you've ever wanted to own a franchise, why not consider Supercuts? Some might say "I can't do it, I have no prior hair styling experience, nor do I know how to cut hair.  Also, this business is for hairstylists.  It's not a serious business for those who aren't hairstylists." This is not true in the slightest.  You do not need to have any previous hairstyling or haircutting experience at all.  The haircutting will be done by licensed professionals, while you're in charge of running the business.
This could be you as a franchise owner one day!
It's very simple to run a franchise.  You don't have to have a high amount of staff, inventory costs are low, and hours are especially reasonable compared to other franchise industries like food or fitness. 
The Supercuts brand is widely recognized.  It's backed by national advertising, robust web and mobile presence, and the brand is sought after nationally.
A positive thing about the hair care industry is that it's stable.  Luckily, haircutting can never be made obsolete by technology.  Getting your hair cut is a need, not a want, like opening up a pizza shop.  People always need their hair cut, they don't always need pizza.
Please view Supercuts Franchisee owner Chris Serrano's story.

If this business is something you're seriously interested, take a look at the Supercuts franchise model to find out further information.  Also, you can find out how the operations run and exactly what the role of a franchisee entails.  Who knows, maybe one day you'll be on your way to owning your own Supercuts franchise!
*DISCLOSURE* This is part of a 3 month sponsored campaign with Supercuts. 


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Festival of Wreaths Etsy Shop Review and Giveaway

There are many things you can do to the outside of your home to give it personality.  You can plant flowers and add lawn decorations among many other ideas.  One thing that doesn't get as much love is the front door.  Usually a front door is a basic color that sometimes has the house number displayed.  Other than that, it's not too exciting.  We always forget to give the door the love that it deserves.  It's time to put a beautiful wreath on the door and make it a focal point of the house.

Festival of Wreaths is an Etsy shop ran by owner Debbie.  She creates the most beautiful hand made wreaths that I've ever seen.  They are full of life, love, and personality.  If you're looking for a wreath that features large bows and ribbons, this will certainly make your door happy! The colors are bright and beautiful and the quality is impeccable.  You can tell that a lot of love goes into her craft.  Debbie sells everyday wreaths, and Fall and Christmas wreaths.  She also is open to custom requests, if you have something else in mind.  A wreath from Debbie's Etsy shop makes the perfect gift for practically any occasion.

I was sent the gorgeous Gold and Cooper Holiday Geo Mesh Wreath.  Since Fall is in full swing, I thought it would be fun and festive to have a wreath on my door.  I've never previously had one before, but it's a perfect way to brighten up a front door.  

Look at all of the detail in the wreath, it's beyond gorgeous! From bows and ribbons to balls and flowers, you've got everything covered to welcome the fall season in style. 

I received the wreath and door hanger in about two days, how's that for excellent customer service? The wreath was meticulously wrapped with care.  Debbie even shoved packing paper in between the bows to help them keep their shape, and wrapped the flowers and balls to keep them from breaking as well.  It arrived in fabulous condition and I couldn't wait to hang it up!

Here is it hung on my door.  It looks awesome.

The wreath itself features beautiful gold and copper colors along with balls, ribbons, flowers, bows, and lots of sparkle! It is so beautiful and I am in love with it.  Copper and gold compliments each other beautifully and I love the combination of colors together.  Debbie's attention to detail is evident in her work and she left no detail unaccounted for! If this wreath doesn't represent fall, then I don't know what does.  Everything was securely fastened onto the wreath and I have no worries about anything becoming loose or falling off.  

It was very easy to hang the wreath and I had no troubles at all.  The wreath hanger fit perfectly on my front door and I hung the wreath with ease.  My door closed well and the wreath and hanger did not affect it all.  I stood back to admire the wreath and grew more in love with it by the second.  The wreath brightened up my door immensely and I'm pretty sure my neighbors will be jealous when they see it. 

I look forward to displaying this wreath for years to come.  I'm beyond satisfied with it and would recommend Debbie to anyone who's looking to buy a wreath.

One winner will win a Christmas wreath from Debbie!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sandgrens Review

As cooler weather has arrived and become a permanent fixture, that's a sign that boot season is here! In the fall and winter all I wear is boots.  They keep me warm and since they are so versatile, I can pair them with many different outfits and looks.  I have many pairs of riding boots, fur lined boots, and heeled boots.  I like to start each new season out with a pair of shoes applicable to the season.  Go ahead and treat your closet to a new pair of boots today.

Sandgrens has been making the best handmade mules and Swedish clogs for women since 1846. If you're in the market for clogs, you'll be in clog heaven at Sandgrens! They offer high heeled clogs, clog sandals, men and women's clogs, and even clog boots! There are many different styles and colors to choose from, you'll certainly find a pair of shoes that you love. The clogs are crafted from the finest leathers, wooden bases, and metal hardware available throughout the world.  A pair of Sandgrens clogs makes an ideal gift for yourself, or a friend.

I was fortunate enough to receive a pair of Sandgrens Philly Clog Boots in the color of wild mushroom for review.  I haven't owned a pair of clogs since middle school, but I really liked the way these shoes looked.  I just had to have them!

Stare deep into my clog eyes.  It's so easy to fall in love with me.  

I received the clogs extremely fast.  Before I knew it, the package was at my door! These beauties were sitting in the box but I knew they belonged on my feet way more than in that box.  What I first noticed about them was their fabulous leather smell.  The shoes are constructed with a medium heel Swedish Alder wood base, soft Horween Nubuc leather, and are stitched on the bottom for a classic look.  The height of the clog boots is perfect for pairing with your favorite jeans.  They feature an inside zipper with a fully removable strap showcasing a sleek buckle.

These boots are just too cute.  The dark brown color is perfect for fall and winter.  The color is neutral and pairs with many colors well.   Some people have complained about the sizing of the boots being very small and not fitting well.  Luckily, I had no problems and the boots fit me well.  They are easy to put on and they zip up effortlessly.  I have no problem walking in them and feel confident while wearing them.  They are very comfortable.  I love the buckle on the side, it gives the shoe an added element of style.  The high quality craftsmanship of the boots is extremely noticeable and it's easy to see all of the hard work that goes into making these boots. The leather is very soft and will become even softer through wear.

I'm already thinking of many different outfits to pair them with.  My first initial thought is to pair them with a nice pair of jeans and a favorite sweater.  Fortunately, I have many favorite sweaters that would look great.  I can't wait to regularly wear them throughout the cold months.  They will surely become my new favorite pair of shoes!

If you'd like to purchase a pair of Sandgrens, please keep in mind that they will be having a large Black Friday sale.  Check back then for large savings!

*DISCLOSURE* I received a complimentary pair of clog boots in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are my own.  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Netflix Recognizes October as Bully Awareness Month

I've recently accepted an invitation to join Netflix's Stream Team.  As a member, I will be writing monthly blog posts about topics that are selected by Netflix.  Please watch for my posts as each topic is an important one that sparks conversation and thought.

October is Bully Awareness Month.  My school days are long over, but that doesn't mean that I don't have memories of bullies.  Luckily, I never really had to deal with being bullied.  I do recall former classmates being taunted, tormented, and harassed.  At that young age, there's not much you can do to stop it from happening.  Honestly, you're just happy that it's not you the bully is targeting.  Many people have different ideas of what the definition of a bully is.  Some might think it's a person who corners you after school and throws you against a wall and demands your money.  On the other hand, others might think it's someone who teases you in class and makes fun of you.  No matter what you picture a bully as, the true definition is anyone who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.  There are many more resources against bullying nowadays then there were when I was in school.  If you are being bullied, it's time to put a stop to it now.

Netflix has put together tools to help parents open a dialogue with their children about this issue.  If you currently have Netflix, please find the below list of eleven television shows and movies that encourage a conversation with kids of all ages.  Parents of teens and tweens can leverage Netflix titles that address bullying head-on, while those with younger children can demonstrate the importance of standing up for others while using superheroes to show that there is a hero in all of us. 

For big kids:
The War
Billy Elliott
Cyber Bully
Fat Boy Chronicles

For younger children:
The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
Spy Kids: All the Time in The World
Justice League Unlimited
Ben 10: Alien Force

As you can see, there are a wide range of titles available that showcase the topic of bullying.  A great way to have a conversation with your child about bullying would be to initially prep them about it.  Afterwards, allow them to select the movie or television show of their choosing that discusses the topic.  It's essential to encourage them to speak their mind after their selection is over by writing down thoughts about bullying.  Talk to them about what a bully is, if they've seen bullying in their school/been bullied, and ways that they can help. It's vital to reiterate to them that bullying is not acceptable, nor ever will be.  Sharing thoughts and feelings is detrimental in everyday life, but essential for this topic.  Your child will appreciate knowing that you care to educate them and stand for something so important.

*DISCLOSURE* I am being compensated as a member of Netflix's Stream Team.  This is my first post and all thoughts are my own. 

Sincare Giveaway

It's hard to face it, but it's time to accept it.  We try to take care of our skin as best as possible, but we can't always control how we live life.  Lots of decisions we make can affect our skin, such as eating too much sugar, or staying in the sun too long.  There are also many other variables that aren't beneficial to your skin that I would have never thought of.  It's important to find those products that target the issues you face and correct them.

SinCare is an Australian company that has recently introduced a line of speciality serums that are devoted to lifestyle aging.  They've even trademarked that concept.  When it comes to skin, birthdays aren't the only gauge of age.  There are several other factors like alcohol, sugar, sun, city life, and even sleepless nights.  Did you ever think that how you live your life every single day affects your skin just as much as the mark of time? I was unaware of this and Sincare has really opened up my eyes as to how actions affect skin.

Sincare's succulent line of serums specifically address nine different lifestyle aging factors, allowing you to keep skin looking fresh and young, no matter where or how you live.  The serums feature natural cosmeceuticals, vitamins, herbs, antioxidants, and biotech ingredients like yeast and algae.  All ingredients have been tested for their efficacy against the lifestyle factor in question. 

The line includes the following serums:

Party Girl-If you love evenings out with friends spent to the music of champagne corks, cocktail shakers doing their work, and the clink of glasses.

Urban Renewal-City life is exhilarating, except for the polluted air.  It's time to give skin a breather.

Sun Goddess-For hardcore ex-sun junkies and everyone who drives, walks the dog, or strolls out to the mailbox. 

Line Rewind-Neglected skin is older looking skin.  It's time for a do-over.

Relaxation Sensation-A spa in a bottle for stressed faces.

Sleep Doctor: For those who work or frolic too hard.

Sugar Hit-have your cake and beautiful skin too.

Smoker's Secret-Use it, just until you quit.

Skin Coach-Replenish minerals after that triathlon, or brutal session with your very mean trainer.

As the holidays rapidly approach, that means lots of late night parties and drinks. Party Girl is a concentrated booster serum designed to help party-fatigued skin recover.  It provides a more hydrated, less-wrinkled glowing and youthful look.  It's time to let Party Girl work its magic on your skin!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Travel Tips

Do you have an upcoming trip to see family or friends this Fall? Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and I know many people already have plane tickets booked for the holiday.  If you're traveling at all this Fall, it's essential that you have the below Fall travel tips in mind as you pack.

Jacey Duprie, of Damsel in Dior is now the spokeswoman of Seven Daughters Wine Savvy Seven blog panel. She has come up with some essential packing tips that will really benefit you.

Before every trip, I treat myself to a night in bed to sip some Seven Daughters Pinot Noir and flip through magazines for outfit inspiration. I also make a list of different outfit options so that when it comes time to pack I feel prepared and have a good understanding of what to bring.
Seven Tips for Packing for Fall Vacations:


Pick a Color. Pick one shoe color and stick with it as the base color for all your packing. This will help narrow down your outfit choices to either match black or brown. You only need one heel and one flat.


Three's Company. You shouldn't need more than three pairs of pants: One jean, one legging and one nicer pant. If you are a skirt girl, skirts fall into the Three's Company rule too. Focus on mix-and-match tops and pants to stretch your outfit potential. 


Cha-Cha-Chambray. My no. 1 pick when traveling is a chambray shirt. It can be worn as a base layer, middle or top layer for chilly nights. Plus you can belt or tie it for a different look.


Avoid Bulky Sweaters. Pack thinner blouses, cardigans and tops that allow you to layer up different combinations and avoid the bulkiness of sweaters in your luggage space.


Store It. Store jewelry and other small items inside your handbags to create more space for clothing.


Wear it Out. Wear your big coat and chunkiest pair of shoes on the flight, as well as any scarf or hat you may be traveling with. It might be a lot to carry, but it makes packing much easier.


Liquidate. Be sure to store any and all liquids in a sealed zip-lock to avoid any disasters…and airport security! Plenty of brands offer fantastic travel-sized beauty and skincare products that will be TSA approved, from Smashbox to Laura Mercier.
Happy traveling!

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Gift a Feast Review and Giveaway

When you picture the holiday season, what do you think of? I envision spending lots of time with family and friends, wonderful food and sweet treats, as well as warm conversation.  A major component of the holidays is food, as we all know.  It's essential to serve crowd-pleasing appetizers, dishes, and desserts to satisfy your guests.  If you're thinking of what appetizers to serve for Thanksgiving, why not let Gift a Feast help?

Gift a Feast carefully curates handcrafted tasty treats from the San Francisco bay area's thriving food scene into gift sets.  These gift sets are beautifully wrapped and accompanied by a handwritten note.  You can choose from several collections such as sweets, savories, and holidays.  The sweets is a must for any chocolate or toffee lover.  The savories features delicious appetizers that will make your taste buds sing. How does various tapenades, cheeses, and breads sound? That's just the beginning!  The holidays collection include lots of gift options such as jams and teas for friends, family, and clients.  Don't worry about taking a trip to San Francisco this year, let San Francisco come to you. 

I'm a foodie at heart and love to try new things, especially from local areas.  I was fortunate enough to receive A Feast of Appetizers. This package is chock full of so many fantastic treats, I didn't know where to start first.  At the time of receiving this, I was not having any company over who would be helping me sample the treats.  I was so glad because I did not want to share!

The contents feature:
  • Fra'Mani Salame Piemontese
  • Fra'Mani Salame Calabrese
  • Central Coast Creamery Seascape
  • Good Faith Farm Raw Lucques Olives - Lemon and Rosemary
  • Rustic Bakery Olive Oil and Sel Gris Flat Bread
  • Rustic Bakery Savory Cheese Coins
  • Toffee Talk Crumble Mumble
  • June Taylor Candied Meyer Lemon Peel
  • As you can see, I certainly hit the food jackpot! I'm a lover of cheese and bread, so it's only natural that I chose to sample the olive oil flatbread paired with the savory cheese coins first.  Cheese and bread are a classic combination and should never be separated.  The coins are savory cookies made with aged gruyere, artisan cheddar, and reggiano parmesan.  They are made with enough butter and flour to keep them fabulously crumbly.  You can't use these coins as real currency, but they fare as currency to pay the toll to enter my stomach!

  • I toasted the flatbread to start as I feel that the heat really brings out the flavor of the bread.  I took a bite of the wonderfully warm bread and was hit with a tidal wave of flavor.  I could taste the hint of olive oil along with other herbs.  The rustic element was certainly on par and my taste buds loved every minute of it.  I tried the cheese coins next and fell in love.  I had no idea how I was living life without knowing that these lovelies existed.  These perfectly cheesy round pieces of heaven were beyond delicious.  They are crumbly, soft, and just everything you could want.  The cheese flavor was very prominent and I liked how each note of the various cheeses were recognizable.  This is a wonderful snack that would pair marvelously with a glass of wine.
    Since I just received the goodies recently, I haven't had a chance to try everything.  The last item that I've tried so far was the toffee.  This delicious homemade toffee was awesome.  It was sweet and rich and had a crunch that was irresistible.  I found myself enjoying more than I should.  When it comes to my love of sweets, it seems to know no bounds. 
    I look forward to trying the rest of the items very soon.  I plan on using the Calabrese and Piemontese on the rest of the flatbread.  That could even be my snack later today.  I'm sure it will be beyond tasty.
    If you're looking to wow your guests this Thanksgiving, why not delight them with appetizers from Gift a Feast? Their stomachs will thank you in return.

    Thursday, October 17, 2013

    Mystic Lights Giveaway

    Lights are part of our everyday world.  We turn them on to take a shower and get dressed, among so many other necessities that require light.  Do you ever stop to think about what your light comes out of? Of course can lights are the usual light sources, what about the beautiful lamp you have on your night stand or table in your living room? If you don't currently have a stylish light source, why not light up a room with a pretty lamp?

    Mystic Lights are a unique, creative, and fun lamp that can be used in many different ways.  These are self-assemble lampshades made up of multiple interlocking pieces that can be assembled in a variety of ways.  The easy to assemble kit features 30 pieces, instructions, and a light cord with an on/off switch.  Mystic Lights are constructed of a lightweight, high-quality polypropylene material which is heat resistant, durable, flexible, and easy to clean.  You can make the lights in various shapes including an oval, diamond, sphere, rosette, cube, or bell.  The possibilities are endless.  Let that creativity shine through! The lights come in a variety of colors for your taste and preferences. How does colors like pink, red blue, purple, or yellow among many others sound?  If you're looking for a unique light source, this is definitely for you!

    Here are some ideas of what colors to choose from:

    Examples of how you can build the light.

    After you've decided on how to construct the light, you have to figure out where to put it.  You can use it in a child's room, a living room, or use it as a floor lamp.  It's really up to you.  The light is easy to move around should you desire to use it in a different room.  This would be a great focal point of a room and an excellent conversation piece too.  Let Mystic Lights turn that dark room into a lit paradise!

    Tuesday, October 15, 2013

    Glade Review and Giveaway

    As I think back to past major holidays and events, I associate them with certain scents.  As they say, scent is the highest form of memory.  I attribute Thanksgiving and Fall with pumpkins, while I think of cinnamon spice and apples for winter and Christmastime for example.  It's really interesting how certain scents can trigger memories and emotions, both negative and positive.  Make sure you make some scent memories in the upcoming holidays.

    Glade offers scented candles, oils, and gels for soft surfaces and fabrics to bring true-to-life fragrances wherever you call home.  Some of the products include oil warmers, room sprays, candles, and more.  There are a variety of scents for each product like clean linen, florals, fruits, spices, outdoors, tropical and more. The scent of Glade will bring your room alive and keep you smiling in delight. Any Glade product makes an excellent gift.  I'm most familiar with Glade's candles and Sense and Spray, which I currently have in my living room.  A new scent is always being introduced to keep their customers happy.  Why not introduce Glade into your home today for long lasting freshness?

    I was delighted to be able to receive the opportunity to review some new Glade products.  I'm always up for trying new scented products, and of course this was right up my alley.  I was sent a sense and spray in clean linen, an electric wax warmer with apple cinnamon wax melts, and a plug in that alternates between the scents of pure vanilla joy, and frosted berry kiss.

    My home has never smelled better, thanks to Glade!

    I was very happy when the package arrived, because I'm always looking to bring fabulous scents to any room in my life.  I have an older sense and spray in my living room that sprays out an apple cinnamon cartridge. It's one of the first models, a stone colored unit.  When I received the new sense and spray in a brown ball shape, I was delighted.  I didn't even know that it came in new styles.  The unit came with two batteries, 1 spray unit, and one refill.  It's always very convenient to have the refill.

    I decided to put the unit on my dresser in my bedroom.  Before I had the chance to take it out of the package, my dog kept sniffing it.  She even wagged her tail! Glade, please know that pets enjoy your products too! The unit is motion activated, meaning that everytime someone walks past it, it sprays out a puff of fragrance.  You can choose your spray setting inside, meaning that you choose how often you'd like for it to go off.  You can also press the top of it for fragrance at any time.  It's very easy to install and in no time it was set up and sending out delicious puffs of scents. I really enjoyed the scent of clean linen.  It reminds me of freshly washed laundry.  Every time the unit sprays, the scent envelopes my whole bedroom. 

    The unit itself is very stylish and actually matches my bedroom furniture well.  I have an espresso bedroom set and the dark brown color fits in very nicely.  The freshness lasts for weeks, so I am looking forward to many more days of scent happiness. 

    In my living room, I decided to put the wax melts warmer.  I chose my living room because I already have the sense and spray with the apple cinnamon in there, so I wanted to heighten the scent of apple cinnamon by using the warmer as well.

    The ceramic warmer is blue with a flower pattern on it.  It's very sturdy and has some weight to it.  I put the warmer on my side table and followed the easy instructions.  To start, you place the dish on the warmer base. Then you plug warmer in and rotate switch to turn it on.  After that, simply place one wax melt into warmer dish and begin to let the scent of the wax permeate the room. The wax melts are small easy to hold squares that fit into the warmer dish with ease.

    I instantly noticed the scent of apple cinnamon swirl around my living room.  It was a very comforting scent that made me happy.  It smelled like I just took a freshly baked pie out of the oven.  The sense and spray apple cinnamon combined with the warmer scent turned my living room into an apple cinnamon bonanza! 

    It was mesmerizing to watch the wax melt burn and melt in the warmer.  It was like liquid apple cinnamon heaven! I left the unit on while I did laundry yesterday.  I walked back into my living room and the scent just filled the room and made it feel so warm and homey.  I absolutely loved it.  I will be using this warmer throughout the winter season and look forward to trying other wax melt scents too!

    I have not used the Glade plug in yet because it's in the shape of a snowflake, and the scents are too Christmasy to use in October.  I will be using this in late November. I can't wait to fill my home with the scent of the holidays!

    If you're looking to make your home a haven of scent, Glade is the ideal place to begin that goal.  

    Monday, October 14, 2013

    Kohl's Giveaway

    To say I love shopping is an understatement.  I live for it, to be exact! Can't you just imagine walking into your favorite department store and standing before racks of beautiful clothes and shoes? I regularly do this, and it's heaven on earth for me! A great thrill of shopping is also finding that awesome bargain.  A sweater or a dress you've been eyeing that's now at a phenomenal price makes me extremely happy.  I feel that every person should regularly treat themselves to new clothes or accessories.

    Kohl's is your one stop shop for women, men, and children's clothing.  Kohl's also features accessories, housewares, shoes and much more.  Need a new outfit for your upcoming work party or maybe your husband needs a new pair of dress pants for work?  No problem,  Kohl's has you covered.  They have the latest fashions at unbeatable prices. The clothes are made well and last.  Halloween is approaching.  Do you have all of your decorations ready and displayed? Make sure you get all of your candy corn and pumpkin decorations from Kohl's! Please keep them in mind for your Christmas and Thanksgiving platters and decor too.  As you can see, Kohl's really does have it all.

    What I love most about Kohl's is that they always have something that I love everytime I walk into the store.  I sometimes lack self control and purchase things I don't truly need, but just like.  I'm working on that. :) Kohl's has affordable prices with something always on sale, which is another plus of why I enjoy shopping there.

    Check out some of my current favorite items from Kohl's.  These are just a few I like, the list could go on forever! 

    Don't forget about the Kohl's contest either!.  Simply tweet or Instagram a picture related to the Kohl's weekly topic, as featured on Kohl's Facebook page containing the hashtag #CookWithKohls.  Your photo along with the hashtag will constitute your entry into the contest, where you will be eligible weekly to win a $500 giftcard while the grand prize winner will win a $5,000 gift card! Imagine if you won the $5,000 gift card, how amazing would that be! I would buy a ton of new clothes, that's for sure.  For more details about the contest, please check out the official rules.

    Kohl's feels that one lucky winner deserves to treat themselves and is offering a $25 gift card.  What will you buy if you won?

    Sunday, October 13, 2013

    Fall is here!

    Fall has now arrived.  This means hearty soups, sweaters and boots, and lots of pumpkin treats! I'm a big fan of the winter holidays which are now on the way!

    What's your favorite thing about Fall? Do you and your family have any Fall traditions? Sound off in the comments below.
    Wednesday, October 9, 2013

    Kohl's Review

    Cooking is one hobby that I've really jumped into in the last few years.  I'm completely self taught, and I learned primarily from trial and error.  I am not a gourmet chef by any means, but my husband really enjoys my cooking.  I'm still learning, but progressing all the time.  I truly love to cook and I enjoy purchasing the latest cookware and bakeware to help me perfect my skills.  For any cookware needs I have, I turn to Kohl's.

    Kohl's is your one stop shop for women, men, and children's clothing.  Kohl's also features accessories, housewares, shoes and much more.  Every time I go in there, I always come out with something I love.  Need a new outfit for your upcoming work function, or maybe your husband needs a new pair of dress socks for work?  No problem,  Kohl's has you covered.  They have the latest fashions at unbeatable prices. The clothes are made well and last.  Since the holidays are upon us, have you started your Christmas shopping? Kohl's would be a great place to start crossing friends and family off your gift list. Don't forget the Fall and Christmas decorations, along with the serving dishes and platters to serve your Thanksgiving or Christmas meal on.  As you can see, Kohl's really does have it all.

    If you haven't heard of the #CookWithKohls contest, you're in for a real treat.  Simply tweet or Instagram a picture related to the Kohl's weekly topic, as featured on Kohl's Facebook page containing the hashtag #CookWithKohls.  Your photo along with the hashtag will constitute your entry into the contest, where you will be eligible weekly to win a $500 giftcard while the grand prize winner will win a $5,000 gift card! Imagine if you won the $5,000 gift card, how amazing would that be! I would buy a ton of new clothes and shoes, that's for sure.  For more details about the contest, please check out the official rules.

    In coordination with the contest, I was provided with a gift card to purchase any Food Network branded items.  I was very excited at this opportunity, and I am always up to shop! I browsed the many pages of products applicable and decided on what I'd like to review most.  I wanted everything, but since that wasn't realistic I settled on the Food Network Large Handled Bowl, Food Network Chip and Dip Set, and a Food Network Nonstick 12-Cup Muffin Pan.  I was very grateful to have received these items and they will be very useful for upcoming holiday parties!

    The Food Network Nonstick 12-Cup Muffin Pan was something I was most excited about owning.  Right now, I currently only own one muffin pan.  I've been making muffins a lot lately and it hasn't been easy to only make one batch at a time.

    Who wants a muffin?

    I received the pan yesterday and I couldn't wait to bake muffins in it! I decided on what kind I should make.  Chocolate, pumpkin, or banana? I settled on chocolate chip and pumpkin.  This was certainly a fabulous choice.  I lined the pan with muffin liners and poured my batter into it.  The cups are large and easily hold the batter.  I noticed that this was a quality piece of bakeware that was very durable and built to last.  The orange handles on the side are silicone and assist you in holding the pan.  They also add a nice pop of color to the pan.  The muffin pan guarantees to distribute heat evenly to ensure perfect muffins.  I put the pan into the oven and not too much longer after that the muffins were ready.  The pan was easy to take out of the oven and extremely lightweight.   I let the muffins cool and I released them from the pan.  They came out very easily and nothing was stuck inside the muffin cups.  The muffins were delicious and cooked evenly and perfectly.

    It will be very nice to be able to make 24 muffins at once, especially for an upcoming holiday party.  I'm already planning what flavor to make next.  I think vanilla with cream cheese frosting would be a fantastic choice.

    Next, The Food Network Chip and Dip set was something that was desperately needed in my kitchen.  I have only one chip and dip set, but it's glass and a little too fancy.  I've been wanting to purchase a more modern and casual set.  When I stumbled upon this set, I knew I had to own it.

    Who wants pita chips and hummus, or maybe tortilla chips and salsa? 

    Isn't this just the cutest chip and dip set? I love how large the bowl is.  It conveniently holds a lot of chips, crackers, pretzels, and anything else.  The convenient dip bowl above could hold a multitude of options including  guacamole, salsa, cheese dip, hummus, onion dip, and so much more.  It's a space saver especially if you have minimal counter space. 

    The white is ideal for blending in with any other serving pieces you have, since it's a neutral color.  The style of of it is modern and fun.  I have not used this bowl yet, but I plan on serving chips and dips in it along with some appetizers for Thanksgiving.  Everyone loves chips and dip, right? The bowl is very sturdy and has some weight to it.  The dip bowl above is adhered strongly to the chip bowl and I am not worried about it becoming unattached.  I'm looking forward to using this set very soon!

    Lastly, the Food Network Large Handled Bowl is a must-have in any kitchen.  This bowl is so versatile and could hold literally anything you want.  How about mashed potatoes for a Sunday dinner? Grapes for an after dinner snack? Or maybe even popcorn during movie night with the family.  The possibilities are truly endless.
    My convenient handles make serving a breeze.

    As I start to plan my Thanksgiving menu, I'm thinking of several appetizers.  Of course along with the appetizers, you have to have some crowd-pleasing snacks like chips and dip, snack mix, etc.  As soon as I saw this bowl, I knew I wanted to serve snack mix in it.  I was thinking of a combination of mini pretzels, peanuts, sesame sticks, and other crunchy items.  I want the mix to have as big of a crunch as possible. This bowl would be perfect for serving the snack mix in.  A great feature of this bowl is the wide open surface that's ideal for people to grab food from.  I think that the modern design of the bowl adds a stylish touch.  The handles are wide and easy to hold when bringing the bowl to a table or counter.  I really love the white, it's clean and fresh.  The bowl is not too heavy and easy to transport from room to room.  

    You could even use the bowl as a fruit bowl if you aren't interested in serving from it.  Whatever use you make of it, just make sure something delicious goes into it. :)

    I am very excited to own these three new items, as is my kitchen.  I look forward to using them for some time to come.  Any Food Network branded item from Kohl's makes a wonderful gift. 

    *DISCLOSURE* I received a gift card to purchase the above items with in exchange for this post.  All thoughts are my own.